Thank you Lord for the absolutely, perfect, amazing, weather you have provided for us the past two days!  THANK YOU!

I don’t know about you, but yesterday was probably one of the most perfect days, weather wise (well, it was a good day all in all!).  The cool breezes and clean, pollen-free air from all the rain!  I only wish that every day, for at the three months, could be like yesterday!  Today it is a little warmer, but it is still lovely! 🙂


The storm on Thursday made the pansies a bit sad, but they are looking better then that today!


The storm made everything so bright and green and alive looking!  It was very catching to the eye if I do say so myself.


The tulips that Skylar planted are in bloom, and I am super excited!  We’ve never had tulips growing in our yard before (to my knowledge, anyway)!

IMG_1369   IMG_1371

So lovely.


The kids have all started their own little gardens over in our side yard by the greenhouse.  This one is Esme’s…I don’t know what she’s growing other then marigolds.


That is Eli’s sign, but I’m not definite on where his garden is…


Cael’s garden is simply called “My Garden” and I don’t know what he’s planting either!


This big, lovely, marigold is Cael’s though!  I guess he’ll plant that in his garden to keep the little buggies away!


And here is Sylvie’s garden very nicely set up with small stones around the perimeter.  She’s planting cantaloupes and I THINK some flowers??!  I should have made a note of what every one is planting before posting it…oh well! 😉


This is a pretty pink dahlia which belongs to Sylvie, I believe.  Dahlias are pretty flowers!


Okay…usually things like this which involve bugs and nests and stuff really grosses me out, but I spotted this little inchworm/silkworm (don’t know exactly what they’re called) nest and it actually was very cool to me!  So I took a picture of it, obviously!  (Sorry if it grosses anyone out!)


 Tulips again.  They are such nice cutting flowers.  I love planting cutting flowers because then it makes it much easier to cut them and put them in a vase on the table!  ha ha


Little turtle seems to be handling our crazy home pretty well!  Besides a funny looking eye which just might be from when he jumped out of my hands…*cough cough*


I took this picture using my super zooming abilities on my camera!  (I should have taken a picture to show how far away I was from this tree, ah well!)


Pretty dogwood flowers.


These lovely azaleas!  There is something about this particular plant in our yard that brings back a lot of memories and makes me very happy whenever it’s in bloom.


I’ve always loved these flowers.

IMG_1426   IMG_1430

See this tree?  The big one with the big long whole in it?  Well, as of recently the residence of that tree is a couple of beautiful broad winged or red tail (or something other kind of) hawks!  I have yet to get a good picture of them though, but they have been flying around and sitting up in the tree tops.

IMG_1439   IMG_1446

Yesterday I found a four-leaf-clover and a FIVE-leaf-clover! 😀

IMG_1442   IMG_1443

I tried to take a picture of that dandelion, but it just didn’t want to get into focus!  It was bright outside too, so I couldn’t quite tell what was in focus and what wasn’t.


Took this from my bedroom window.  I like the way those things look, but I don’t like the pollen they drop.



Time to tidy up my messy bedroom and then maybe spend some time outside.  I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days, so I hope I’m not getting sick.  Probably just allergies.

Much love and God bless!  Have a wonderful weekend.


P.S. Oh yeah, the little turtle is an Eastern chicken turtle, not a Western. 🙂


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  1. Jayne Huber
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 15:52:41

    Awesome, amazing pictures! I love the separate gardens! You are so good, Jenny. at writing and photographing! I enjoy your blogs when I see them! KEEP WRITING!! 🙂


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