Look What I Did!!!


TA DA!!!!


I did a French Braid!!! 😀

IMG_0606   IMG_0594

You don’t even know how LONG I have waited for this day!  Of course I can’t say much because I wasn’t very diligent with practicing a French braid…honestly, this is my third try at it and I am amazed that it turned out at all!


Yay!!!  I’ll keep on practicing and will hopefully, someday, be able to do a lovely French braid on not only myself, but other people too!!!  * Yippee*


Look at these beautiful irises that bloomed!



Aren’t they pretty?  Our red roses (and my rose bush!) are blooming and they are so pretty!  I’ll post a picture of them once mine blooms all the way.


Cael found a four leaf clover the other day!  It’s so cute because he’ll go outside and look at the clovers and each one he picks he’ll ask “Is this one a four leaf clover?” and I’ll say “No.  If it has four leaves it’s a four leaf clover!” and he doesn’t really listen or understand that, I guess, so he just keeps picking them and asking the same thing.  Well, it payed off because the other day while he was outside with Josh he said “Is this a four leaf clover?” and it was! 🙂


Yay Bubba!

Well, I am going to watch a movie now since it’s so gloomy outside.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!  Thank you to all the wonderful mother’s out there, mine in particular.  I love you, mommy! 🙂



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