Happy happy happy happy…

Happy Anniversary, Blog!!!


It’s been a decent two years, won’t you agree?  Thank you to everybody who stops by and checks out whatever I have to say!  It has been so much fun keeping up with my Jennafifi blog and I hope it continues to be a pleasant place and good experience.  Much love to you all!



My rose.  My sweet sweet, beautiful rose.  It has bloomed and it is lovely!  There is one thing though…it has bloomed much more of a pink then red.


Here is Skylar’s rose which was suppose to be pink but has turned red, or so we think.


During the course of events when we planted these roses, we have come to the conclusion, I think, that we might of accidentally gotten our roses mixed up while planting them!  I really do not know how that could of happened because I distinctly remember holding my rose and reading the label with the red rose picture on it while Sky was planting her rose across the yard!  Alas and a lack, either they put a red rose in a pink rose package, or we “traded” roses!  I still love my rose though and don’t think I could trade with the redder rose because I have taken care of my pinkish-red rose awaiting it’s blooms to blossom and wishing for it to grow well!  I believe it’s too late to part with it now.

On to another thing.  Today is Eli’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to one of the dearest boys in the world!  I love you, Eli, and I hope you have a wonderful day!



The sky is blue and the sun is shining!  I thought Mr.Sun was going to be on vacation forever.  It just brings an air of happiness when the sun is out and the wind is blowing and flowers are dancing upon the breeze. 😉  It’s so nice.


Let’s play a game.  I spy three four-leaf-clovers…(click on the picture to enlarge)


(Write a comment to let me know if you found them all! :))

Have a marvelous rest of this lovely Monday!  I’m going shopping now to buy something for Eli.  I hope everyone had a good mother’s day and I pray that the sun keeps on shining this week.  God bless,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    May 13, 2013 @ 16:16:47

    Awesome! Happy 2nd birthday, Jennififi blog! I love you! You are a happy place for me in this world full of not so happy places! So, Jenny, keep writing and taking pics! And please tell Eli happy birthday form me, Uncle Paul, Cole, Sam, and Casey! How old is he today? Also, what does he like now?


    • Jennifer
      May 14, 2013 @ 10:01:10

      Thank you! 🙂
      He is a big number 9 now! He’s so cute. Well, he’s happy with anything he can build or out together or play with! Lego’s and stuff like that!


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