Hello July!

It has been a while, blog…a LONG while!  Things have been busy, but at the same time I haven’t really been busy!  There is no need for me to apologize or make excuses for not posting, but I will say that I just haven’t been inspired to blog lately and honestly it didn’t even cross my mind that the last time anything was posted on Jennafifi was in May!  Oops! 🙂

Well, I’m here now and I hope that everyone’s summer has been good so far and not too hot?!  My summer has been very wet so far!  My siblings and I are helping out at a pool this summer and we had a week of “training” and then four weeks of helping and teaching little kids to learn how to swim and having lessons ourselves!  I will tell you one thing: swimming is exhausting!  Boy, we have been SO tired for the past three weeks, and after this lovely week off of swimming we have our last week at the pool NEXT week (right before my birthday!  Yay!).

Even though it has been a couple months since I’ve posted, not much has happened.  Lets see…all of Leah’s puppies are gone (yippee!), Evvie and Titus are getting bigger, it’s gotten hot…..nope!  Nothing has really been happening!  Oh well.  I guess life isn’t always eventful and “fun”!  Maybe I should enjoy these times where I don’t have much to do instead of sitting and saying “Man, I wish I was busy and had things to do and places to go!”, because I know that someday I will sit and say “Oh my gosh!  I wish I could just sit still for 5 seconds and not do anything!!!”.

Oh!  We have some new additions to the “farm”!  Introducing Emerald Ivy, the chameleon!


Yes, my parents got John a chameleon, and you can read all about her on Johnny Blue’s blog (click on his name)!  Sweet little John has decided that he wants to get into the “blogging world”…not really.  He just wants to post stuff about all of his creatures. 🙂  Please check out his blog!

Today, July 2nd, 2013, I have decided that I do not like cleaning.  It has taken me long enough to start going through stuff in my room and finding a place for everything to go and getting rid of things I don’t need, throwing trash away, etc, but now that I have begun doing so I’m not enjoying it, but I must finish!  No more staring at piles of paper on my desk or out-of-season clothes still folded up on my chair!  It’s time to settle, officially, into my room, and then I can give you a blog tour of my room if anyone is interested. 😉  I don’t really mind cleaning, but it is annoying because right now I feel like my “stuff” will never end!  I guess that’s what I get for spending money on things I don’t need.

It is quite late right now, but I wanted to post something this week!  The internet was down all day until around 7-8 :00 pm.  Anyway.  Tomorrow I am going to be dedicating a post to my sister, Skylar, who is on a trip right now and asked if I could send her some pictures of her garden which I am “babysitting” while she’s away (I’m trying not to kill anything!).  I thought that making a blog post about her garden would be a nice way to send her some pics AND post on my blog!  Ain’t I a smart one?! 🙂

Time to shut down the electronics and close my very tired eyes.  I’ll end here with a hardy HELLO to everyone and a little sorry for being away so long.  Thank you to whoever has been viewing my blog the past few weeks that I have been absent!  I looked at my stats and since May there hasn’t been one day where I got no views, so thanks to you out there viewing a blog where nothing seems to happen! 🙂  Have a wonderful sleep.  *yawn*

God bless,


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