Computer Difficulties

Ugh!  I don’t want to write a negative post, but I have about had it with cameras, memory cards and computers!

First off, my memory card is lost and I had lots of pictures on there that I would have liked to keep.  Secondly, my mom’s memory card won’t open onto my computer and I just took a bunch of pictures of Skylar’s garden with her camera!

And lastly…MY COMPUTER IS SO ANNOYING!  It’s just a small little laptop, so I already don’t expect much from it, but I at least expect it to work well!  The battery is toasted, so it says, and the charging cord is broken and that is just frustrating!  Sorry for the rant.

Now, about that post I was going to post for Skylar…..*never mind* 😦


The weather has been so wet lately.  Around our house it has been sunny and breezy for a few minutes, then you look outside and it’s raining!  Or, like today, it starts pouring down rain and then just sprinkles for a little while.  I like the rain, definitely, but there has just been so much of it!

This weekend I am helping Bessie out at an antique booth that she is setting up for a little antique fair!  I am looking forward to it (hopefully it won’t rain!).

Well, sorry for no pictures!  Hopefully memory cards and computers will start working soon!  Have a great 4th of July!  God Bless America!



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