Summer Time


It’s strange to think that summer is already coming to an end.  Summer was hardly even here with all of the rain we had!  It’s been cloudy and wet and cool, and then the days it has been sunny they’ve been hot and quite humid, but that is summer I suppose.

I don’t want to jinx it, but the weather has been amazing the past couple of days.  The sky has been gloomy, but there has been a cool breeze and a sensation that makes you eagerly await fall to unfold in the world.  Fall is, hand down, my favorite season and I look forward to it every single day.

Goodness!  It feels so much longer then it really has been since I last posted.  I will say it has been an interesting summer for me.  Definitely a bit different then my usual summer!  I have had some weeks where there has been nonstop rushing around and going places and being exhausted, and then there have been weeks where it’s so dull and so boring that I have felt like screaming!  Even during the time when there wasn’t much to do I have felt tired.  I think the summer does that to people.  The sun shines and the days are lazy and it just makes you want to snooze!

Well, I am submitting this today to let you know that I have not left Jennafifi to sit and become just another webpage that’s been neglected in cyber-space!  There has been a lot going through my mind and yet I have had no real inspiration or desire to post the past few, uh…months!  I have been getting my camera out again and I have taken some pictures which is one way I usually get inspired to post, and also I have been getting my focus less off of myself and my worries and trials and I do believe that I will be able to come up with some more ideas, stories and poems as well and being fully in tune to my family and the goings on around here!

August has always been a strange month to me.  The end of summer, the beginning of fall, nothing really goes on, it’s just a time to recollect I guess, so that’s what I’m going to do!  I am going to reflect on my summer and what I have done so far and what is yet to come and I will be sharing things with you, Blog! 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend and I will be posting again soon.