Summers End

It is September!  Time to anticipate the cool fall weather.  My computer has finally decided to cooperate and let me blog and go through my pictures, etc.  I have been having some difficulties with getting it to stay on and it has been shutting off while I’m in the middle of doing something *ugh*…it’s not now so I shall make the best of it!

So, I said I would share some of the things that went on this summer in my life.  Don’t get your hopes up or anything because I have nothing too exciting to share!  My family and I seemed to have had a busy summer, and yet I don’t know what made it busy?!  I guess I will start at the beginning of summer, kind of where I left off with blogging; the fourth of July!


IMG_2299 - Copy

We had a good fourth.  It was laid back and we made ice cream, had a family cookout and did not do any fireworks!  Because it rained on the fourth we postponed our fireworks a few days.

IMG_2301 - Copy

When we did do some fireworks they were very pretty!

IMG_2313 - Copy

I tried to get some pictures and a few turned out.

IMG_2314 - Copy

IMG_2317 - Copy

I made a few of them black & white which looks cool!

IMG_2321 - Copy

This is my favorite picture that I got.

IMG_2328 - Copy

IMG_2332 - Copy

Poor Titus got quite scared after a few loud ones!  He starting breathlessly breathing!

IMG_2336 - Copy

Well, that’s all I have to share about that!


Let’s see…the weekend after the fourth Bess, Evvie and myself set up a booth at an antique show!  It was not exactly an antique show though…I’m pretty sure Bess’s booth was the only one with vintage/antique merchandise!  We had a good time though.

We went to a wedding in July which was very pleasant and fun.  After that it was my birthday and I was at the pool teaching little kids how to swim and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me before I left and even got a cookie cake with my name on it!  Yummy!!!


(My birthday cake)

I don’t recall saying anything of this before, but this summer my siblings and I took swimming lessons and Joshua and I were training for junior life guarding and helping with teaching kids how to swim.  We were at the pool for about 4-5 weeks and I will not lie that it was quite an experience half good and half bad (I guess that’s why we were busy)!  I won’t go into it though, but I’ll just say that I aspire to be better at swimming AND to get a tan sometime because it rained almost every day at the pool or it was overcast so I hardly have a difference in my skin color at all (not that it matters)!

Anyway.  I had a good birthday and my sisters, Skylar and Bess, had a birthday party for Sarah and I that was very fun and nice of them!  It was Alice in Wonderland inspired, so a tea party with cakes and cookies and tea, and it was so fun! 🙂  Here are some pictures from it!


Of course some Eat Me cookies!


And some in a glass box!  I was so excited when I saw this!



There were flowers from the garden for all of the guests to take home.


Place holders.  Everyone had a different illustrated picture of Alice in their flowers with their name on the back.  This one was mine.



The little boys were there too!  Cael was very happy to drink his tea. 🙂


And of course, what is a party without baby Evelyn!!


After swimming ended and birthdays passed it got a little slow around the house and I got quite lazy to be honest.  I also went through a bit of a “bloggers block” shall we say and didn’t have any thoughts or inspiration for blogging!  After swim I slept in late, sat around, read, watched movies or videos and didn’t really do much else!  Then we had more puppies (yay).  My mom hires me to photograph the litters we have to put the pups on our website, so I got a little busier when they came.

I will save whatever else I have to say for another time.  I hope everyone had a good summer and I can’t wait for fall to begin!  Oh, I got a haircut this summer!  What do you think?


It was shorter when it was first cut, but I like this length.  I was thinking of going shorter and maybe trying an Audrey Hepburn inspired pixie, but it would be so short and I don’t think I can do it!

 Have a wonderful first week of September!  Don’t you love it when I month starts on Sunday?  I’m looking forward to posting more often again and I hope you, whoever you are, are also looking forward to it!

God bless,



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