Hello!  As the title of this post says, I have many things to say “Yippee” about right now.  One is that I got my computer to work again (kind of)!  Yippee!!! 🙂  So I’ll be able to post some pictures like these ones…


Eli and Cael




John, Cael, and Esme

Those are just a few pictures that I have to share today.

Another thing to say yippee (or shout it) about is we are leaving for the beach tomorrow morning!  YIPPEE!!!!!!  We haven’t been on a family vacation to the beach since I was a two-year-old, so all the little kids have never been to the beach!  We are SO excited and I can hardly believe that we are actually going!


Cael getting ready to go!

Alright, I have a few “random” things to share.  Let’s start with Ashley, our little turtle.

IMG_4244   IMG_4246

All I want to say about her is that she has upgraded to a very fancy new habitat!  She likes it so far!

Next I shall share with you my little friend who FINALLY moved away from living on my bedroom window…

IMG_4501   IMG_4507

I settled on calling him Lucifer…ha ha!  He was an evil spider.  You could tell he (or she) wanted to bite you (I’m glad it moved away)!

Sylvie (who’s birthday is today) and I went outside in the chicken coop yesterday to gather the eggs and I got this, I thought, pretty picture of the chickens.


And some of their lovely eggs!


It has been awesome having our chickens who lay so many eggs.

Fall is on it’s way, and can I hear a BIG Yippee?!  YIPPEE KI YAY!!!  That is definitely something to be excited about.  I love the fall so much.  It makes me happy.  With that said, our garden has died, but morning glories and marigolds have taken it over so it’s quite a sight!


They are gorgeous!


That’s what the whole garden looks like!  Blue and purple morning glories covering everything.



IMG_4858   IMG_4865


Here are some of the marigolds.



I’ve never really liked marigolds, but all of the bright red and yellow flowers popping up are very pretty!

By the greenhouse there are some more morning glories growing on the fence but they are pink and SO pretty!  (I took some pictures of them on Saturday morning; the weather was so amazing on Saturday!)




(I like this picture)

And here are some zinnias just because!


IMG_4261   IMG_4882


(I don’t know what this is but it’s pretty!)

Last week I went to Bess’s house and spent some time with her and Evelyn.  Evvie is such a cutie pie!  She’s getting so big!


We had too much fun together, Evvie and I!   She was laughing so hard!  It makes you think…what are they really laughing at?  Some contorted facial expression?  A “big person” crawling around the floor like a baby?! 😉



Look at that!  There’s a turban on her head and she kept it on!  Ha ha!

We also went to visit Titus and Sarah on the way home from Bess’s house.  Titus is one years old now and such a little man!


Sucking on his shoes!


Skylar, along with the little boys and her creativity, made a four seasons display out of cardboard and paint, etc.  It turned out really awesome!

IMG_4296   IMG_4298

Spring                                            Summer

IMG_4292   IMG_4294

Fall                                             Winter

I like the fall display the best. 😉

It feels like I sit here for at least two hours putting a post together, gathering pictures, typing stuff, and so on, but then it takes about five or less minutes to read the finished post!  Aggravating…oh well!  Hopefully it’s enjoyable.  I must get back to packing though because I need to get to bed pretty early!

IMG_4937   IMG_4939

All my clothes packed up

Oh, one more thing…..

IMG_4821   IMG_4704

I did it!  I got a pixie haircut!!!  It is quite short and very different, but I’m glad I have tried it and now know what it feels like!  (I’m looking forward to it being a LITTLE bit longer!)

IMG_4898   IMG_4896

It almost feels like I’ve always had my hair this short!  I probably would not keep my hair like this forever, but it’s a style that I’ve always wanted to try and it is very relieving that I just did it and now I don’t have any need to be so obsessed with looking up pictures of pixies and deciding whether or not to try it!  Now I have it and that’s that!


Alright!  Time to take a shower, finish packing, and then eat some cake and ice cream for Sylvie’s b-day (which I will probably regret later).  I hope the coming week is wonderful for everyone especially with the leaves falling and temperature changing for a new season!  I will post once again when we’re back from the beach!  Yippee!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    Sep 15, 2013 @ 18:16:38

    This post was AWESOME!! Thanks,for sharing all you did, Jenny! Also, thank you for my birthday card! It was here when Paul and I got back from Savannah. We went down on my bday and came back on Sat. I do pray that you all have a blast at the beach! Much love, Aunt jayne


  2. Jayne Huber
    Sep 15, 2013 @ 18:17:11

    P.S. casey and I LOVE your hair, it looks great on you!!


    • Jennifer
      Sep 27, 2013 @ 12:13:16

      I’m so glad the card got to you! The beach was wonderful and I am working on loading my pictures on my computer. 🙂 So far my hair has been different but I’m really enjoying it! I’ll have to ask Casey about styling it though because I’m having a difficult time getting the back to cooperate! Much love to you!


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