Last Cake Class

Today Sylvie and I attended our last cake class *sniff*.  We’ve learned a lot and are definitely able and ready to make a cake whenever need be!  Our last class was very enjoyable and we each got a certificate and some papers saying that we “passed” course 1!  Yippee! 🙂

My cake is inspired by Halloween.  I thought that was appropriate!


The last thing we learned today was the Ribbon Rose and how to write on your cake.  Writing is probably the hardest because you don’t want to mess up and you have to make the icing very thin and the tips are really small, etc…I practiced a LOT before I wrote what I wanted to write on my cake!


The roses are so fun and super easy to make!  I’ve said this before, but it’s much too much frosting for me!  They turned out pretty though.


I went all out for the last lesson!  I even added candy eyes on the top where it says “BOO!”! 🙂  I’ve really enjoyed the Wilton Method cake decorating course 1 and I recommend anyone to take a class like this one or a different kind of crafty class sometime; it’s really fun!


IMG_6610 IMG_6609

Sylvie’s cake was so pretty, but, alas, it took a fall and got pretty messed up. 😦  Her roses were really good though and as you can see we all thought it tasted yummy!


Yesterday I went to get my hair trimmed and I actually like the way it looks better then when I first got it cut short (a few posts ago)!  Maybe it’s because I’ve warmed up to the short style, I don’t know.  I’ve decided to share some of my cakey knowledge, so to start off I will share with you a recipe (and some links) for some butter-cream frosting!


  • 1 Cup of Vegetable Shortening (Crisco)  NOTE: You can use butter instead of Crisco.  I will have a few links at the end of the recipe for some other recipes!
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla (or any other flavoring you desire)  NOTE: Wilton sells clear vanilla if you want stark white frosting, but it’s an imitation vanilla so I prefer just normal.
  • 7-8 teaspoons of water or milk NOTE: using water will allow it to last longer, but using milk tastes better.
  • 1 Pound of Confectioners Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of Meringue Powder (to make it stiff…if you don’t know, meringue is an egg substitute an you actually don’t have to use it in your frosting if you don’t want to!)
  • A Pinch of Salt (Optional: so it won’t be so sweet)
  • (To make chocolate add 3/4 cup, or less, of coco powder and 1-2 Tablespoons of water or milk)

With a hand mixer or electric mixer mix together shortening, flavoring, and meringue power.  Once mixed slowly add liquid and sugar.  Mix together until all blended.  Ta da!!!  You know how to make frosting!  If you need it thinner then add more liquid and if you need it thicker add more sugar and don’t forget that pinch of salt because it can get pretty sweet!  With Crisco you can store it in the fridge for 3 weeks and in the freezer for about 3 months.  Also this recipe makes enough frosting to ice a two layered 8-9 inch circular cake with a little left over.

I prefer using butter because I don’t like knowing that I’m eating fake, hydrogenated, lard (for lack of a better description)!  I haven’t tried using milk though.  A suggestion for decorating would be to make sure your frosting is not too thin.  If you use butter it will become room temperature and melt a little which will make an extravagant decoration run together or mess up!  Play around with it though and see what works for you! 🙂  I will definitely share more tricks and things that we’ve learned this past month.  (Here are some other frosting links I found.  They are literally all the same, just different sites!)


Thank you for stopping by if you’ve never been here before, and thank you for stopping by again if you have been here before!  Much love and God bless.  I will be posting again soon!






This weeks weather has been absolutely lovely!  I hate to admit that I haven’t spent as much time out of doors as I would have liked to, but oh well!  Almost my whole family went this weekend to Ashville, North Carolina to the SAFF Fiber Fair!  Yes, the same one last year that I got over 900 pictures of fluff from…which is why I never posted about it because it was overwhelming looking through those photos!  Anyway!

They are coming back tomorrow and while they are away my sisters, Skylar and Sylvie, and myself, are going to a Fall Festival! 🙂

Since we have had so much practice, Sylvie and I have made a cake together to bring for a dessert.


First off I will say that this cake turned out beautifully!  Look at that! 🙂


Definitely turned out better then the cake I brought to class last week!  I was very proud of it even though it is a cake mix…it’s still pretty!


So beautiful!  *sigh*


Last picture of the cake part…just take it all in…perfect, lovely cake! 😉



Oh, here’s the amazingly YUMMY sandwich I ate while waiting for the cake to cool off.  Ha ha!


Once the cake cooled, I put chocolate frosting around the edge and then orange colored vanilla frosting in the middle.  The cake turned out so good because I put a mix meant for two pans in one pan so it would rise well and I could *torte the cake to make layers!  It took forever to cook since it was so dense at first, but it finally cooked all the way through!

*(To torte a cake means to level it and make multiple layers out of one layer)


And BAM!  There it is all iced up!  Sylvie did the jack-o-lantern in the middle and the dots and pearl sprinkles on the bottom border, and I did the flowers and small detail around the cake!


These flowers are SO much fun to do and very easy!

After we were done making a mess I made rainbow frosting with the extra.  This is the super vivid setting on my camera.


Nice and bright!




Looks good vivid! 😀


And speaking of cake, our third class this week was about filling and decorating cupcakes!


I personally don’t like a lot of frosting on my cake or cupcakes, and especially not filling AND frosting on a cupcake, so these were a bit much for me, but they turned out pretty.

IMG_6444   IMG_6445

Everyone ate Sylvie’s before I could get a picture of them, so these ones are the ones I made.  I was tired of blue and pink after this class.


This one was good because I didn’t fill it with cream and there were only a few flowers on it. 😉


Well, it’s fall!  The weather is staying crisp and cool and we’ve started turning on the heat inside and thinking of fires in the fireplace.  And we have pumpkins!


Such a fall asset. 🙂


The garden is still over run by marigolds and now cosmos too!  I wish I could get a big overview picture of the garden but when I try it just looks like a bunch of weeds!


It was a beautiful day when these pictures were taken.  These were taken on Wednesday.


I never knew that cosmos were such a lovely, elegant flower!  I’ve come to like them I think.


These pink zinnias are probably my favorite ones ever!


So pretty!


I’m happy that there are still some flowers in bloom, that everything isn’t dying yet because of the cold!  It’s warm enough still for most flowers through the day, and of course there are flowers that can stand the cool weather like my favorites…..


Pansies!!!  I shall never know what brings me so much joy from these little flowers, but they are my favorites!


I love them!


Pretty kitty

Sylvie and I had a fun day yesterday doing hair and painting nails, etc!  Of course there isn’t much you can do with my hair right now so I let her blow dry it and put some styling mousse in it.  Her hair on the other hand is VERY long, so I had fun styling it!  Actually her hair turned out so good that I took a picture of it to share!

IMG_6579   IMG_6581

I am not one for doing the best job of styling other peoples hair, but I was thrilled with how this turned out!  It stayed in all day too!  Yay! 🙂

It’s a few minutes after 3:00pm and we’ve got to get going for the Fall Festival!  I’m excited about it! 🙂  Here are my promises for near future posts:  I promise to post pictures from the beach AND also share some pictures from an awesome car show we went to last weekend! 🙂  All I have to do is go through the pictures which I PROMISE I will do!!!

Much love and have a wonderful day!

God bless,


Wednsday and Cake Class #2

The past two days have been gloomy and giving the impression of rain, but it’s just overcast; no rain!  This morning though there was a very lovely sunrise before the gloom set in.  I enjoyed that.

Cake class today was very fun!  We learned how to transfer an image onto a cake and decorate it all nice and pretty!  Sylvie’s turned out really good!  Of course, you are your worst critic, so I personally think mine could have been a bit better, but it turned out pretty well.  It’s really fun even if we don’t use these skills or techniques in the long run.


Here’s Sylvie’s cake!  She did a cute little turtle and our instructor had some candy eyes to add!


She did a pretty border and everyone like it a lot. 😉

IMG_6212   IMG_6214

Cael liked it too!

I wasn’t sure at first what picture to use for my cake, but I finally settled on Joe Cool…in other words, Snoopy!


I thought it was pretty cute! 🙂  What I would really like to do is experiment with more icing recipes.  Next time we have to bring a cake to the class I’m going to try a homemade recipe because our cake mixes were too dense!  lol!  You think sometimes that you can’t mess up a cake mix, but we didn’t beat it enough and they didn’t rise very well.

IMG_6217   IMG_6218

I finished the decorating once we got home, so we haven’t eaten my cake yet…besides, two of these cakes is a LOT of sweets and cake to eat in one day!

Today my sisters and I went on a walk and it was a very nice walk.  I wish I could go on a walk everyday, but I don’t like going alone and the people who want to walk work most of the day!  I highly recommend doing yoga or stretching really well before going on a walk because you feel so elongated and stretched and able to walk for hours!  I love doing yoga and stretching.

Well I am going to play Mario Kart with my siblings now, and I hope that Thursday is a wonderful day for you all and that you will notice the beautiful changes of the season and be happy, safe and eat more cake! 🙂

Much love,


Friday Post

It’s late, but I’m posting real quick just like I said I would! 🙂


Once again, I was inside for most of the day and now that I think about it I am very sad that I spent most of my day inside…oh well!  I have tomorrow and the day after that and so on, if the Lord wills it.

Today was a fine day…not quite fabulous, but very fine.  The weather was warm but breezy and the day went along well.  I woke up early and sat in my room and read Jesus Calling which I enjoyed today; it always says something that I need to hear or have been thinking about!

Sylvie and I are eagerly awaiting the email from our cake instructor for what we are suppose to bring for our next lesson!  We really can’t wait! 🙂  I have to add music to my “project”, which I spoke of yesterday, and then I’ll be done with it!  I’m putting together a slideshow from our vacation to the beach, which I will share pictures on my blog soon!!!

God is so good, truly.  He has opened an opportunity for me which I have been thinking a lot about and wondering about and it’s so cool and wonderful to know that God is really looking out for us and in control of everything in our lives and He always gives us a choice.  I am so thankful.

Well, goodnight and I will be posting soon…can’t promise anything tomorrow though.  Much love.


Thursday and Cookies

Thursday was tolerable.  Nothing went wrong, but it wasn’t as nice as Monday was…or Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter!  The weather was sunny and slightly breezy; very enjoyable.  I was kept inside for most of the day.  I chose to stay inside for most of the day because I had a project that I had to finish before this weekend!  I woke up late, but the day seemed to linger away which I was happy about.  Usually if you miss your alarm clock the day seems to tick by in a few second!  That’s all I have to say about Thursday.

My plan was to say something about every day this week, but I missed the passed two days!  Oops!  I will say something about yesterday though.

Yesterday morning Sylvie and I took our first cake and cookie decorating class!  We were introduced to all of the tools that we had and we learned how to make butter cream frosting which, I hate to say this, but it’s made with a lot of Crisco…..oh well!  It still tastes good and I’m excited to experiment with it (I’ll post the recipe sometime)! 🙂  We learned some basics which we will be learning all month and then we can take the second, third, and fourth sessions to learn more advanced decorating!  It’s really fun!


We used the star head and frosted a bunch of homemade cookies, which we brought, with star patterns and little rosettes!  We can’t wait for next week because we will be decorating a cake (and we get to bring everything home)!  Yum! 🙂

Well, I will definitely be posting tomorrow!  God bless and I recommend signing up for a cake decorating class sometime!


P.S. Post #181!!!  I forgot to post 180 on my last post.


The wind is blowing, the leaves are falling to the ground, the sun is setting, and the temperature is perfect.

October never fails to bring around the gentle fall weather.  You go through the end of August and into September wondering if the coolness and changing colors of fall will ever come, and then once you get into the first week of October, it finally happens.

The sun was shining through the trees and the leaves were falling from the trees like snowflakes; silent and in great number.  The mail came so I went to get it and had a nice walk down our long driveway to the mailbox taking deep, slow, breaths of the fresh, crisp air.  It was heavenly!  The woods stand out in the fall and I always want to go sit in a big tree just me, my journal, a book and the wind.

Even though daylight savings is over the days still seem to last longer because you want to wake up earlier to enjoy as much of the cool day as possible.  The sunset is still and will forever be my favorite part of the day.  Not that I want the day to end necessarily, but the grandeur and vibrant colors and intense rays of the sunset are one of the most eye catching and beautiful things to me.  It makes me very happy whenever I get to watch the sun set.

Monday, today, was magnificent.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We didn’t go anywhere or do really anything, except go outside and that’s what made it magnificent.  Absolutely, marvelously, magnificent.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  What troubles or struggles, lessons or studies, happy things or celebrations will come about?  Or what kind of weather there will be?  When will the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening?  I wonder.  But I need to not wonder so much about tomorrow because then I forget to live in the moment; enjoying today.  It is so easy to not live in the moment.  That’s something I wish to work on; living in the moment and enjoying my life.

God has been so good and has blessed me with a wonderful loving family.  Parents who love and provide for us.  Brothers and sisters to talk to and play with.  Friends to confide in and trust.  More material things that we even need, and food to sustain us.  And able bodies to bless His Kingdom and bright eyes to watch the seasons change and the sun set. 🙂  I do not mean to brag, but I am very thankful to the Lord for many things.  Mainly for when I go through times where I am lost or confused and I feel as if my life is meaningless and dull and I’m about to give up on another thing, but then I know that everything is okay because I am comforted and loved by a Savior, and I have people in my life who encourage me to do great things and to learn and I know, even though it’s hard, I never have to be afraid.