Thursday and Cookies

Thursday was tolerable.  Nothing went wrong, but it wasn’t as nice as Monday was…or Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter!  The weather was sunny and slightly breezy; very enjoyable.  I was kept inside for most of the day.  I chose to stay inside for most of the day because I had a project that I had to finish before this weekend!  I woke up late, but the day seemed to linger away which I was happy about.  Usually if you miss your alarm clock the day seems to tick by in a few second!  That’s all I have to say about Thursday.

My plan was to say something about every day this week, but I missed the passed two days!  Oops!  I will say something about yesterday though.

Yesterday morning Sylvie and I took our first cake and cookie decorating class!  We were introduced to all of the tools that we had and we learned how to make butter cream frosting which, I hate to say this, but it’s made with a lot of Crisco…..oh well!  It still tastes good and I’m excited to experiment with it (I’ll post the recipe sometime)! 🙂  We learned some basics which we will be learning all month and then we can take the second, third, and fourth sessions to learn more advanced decorating!  It’s really fun!


We used the star head and frosted a bunch of homemade cookies, which we brought, with star patterns and little rosettes!  We can’t wait for next week because we will be decorating a cake (and we get to bring everything home)!  Yum! 🙂

Well, I will definitely be posting tomorrow!  God bless and I recommend signing up for a cake decorating class sometime!


P.S. Post #181!!!  I forgot to post 180 on my last post.


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