Friday Post

It’s late, but I’m posting real quick just like I said I would! 🙂


Once again, I was inside for most of the day and now that I think about it I am very sad that I spent most of my day inside…oh well!  I have tomorrow and the day after that and so on, if the Lord wills it.

Today was a fine day…not quite fabulous, but very fine.  The weather was warm but breezy and the day went along well.  I woke up early and sat in my room and read Jesus Calling which I enjoyed today; it always says something that I need to hear or have been thinking about!

Sylvie and I are eagerly awaiting the email from our cake instructor for what we are suppose to bring for our next lesson!  We really can’t wait! 🙂  I have to add music to my “project”, which I spoke of yesterday, and then I’ll be done with it!  I’m putting together a slideshow from our vacation to the beach, which I will share pictures on my blog soon!!!

God is so good, truly.  He has opened an opportunity for me which I have been thinking a lot about and wondering about and it’s so cool and wonderful to know that God is really looking out for us and in control of everything in our lives and He always gives us a choice.  I am so thankful.

Well, goodnight and I will be posting soon…can’t promise anything tomorrow though.  Much love.



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