This weeks weather has been absolutely lovely!  I hate to admit that I haven’t spent as much time out of doors as I would have liked to, but oh well!  Almost my whole family went this weekend to Ashville, North Carolina to the SAFF Fiber Fair!  Yes, the same one last year that I got over 900 pictures of fluff from…which is why I never posted about it because it was overwhelming looking through those photos!  Anyway!

They are coming back tomorrow and while they are away my sisters, Skylar and Sylvie, and myself, are going to a Fall Festival! 🙂

Since we have had so much practice, Sylvie and I have made a cake together to bring for a dessert.


First off I will say that this cake turned out beautifully!  Look at that! 🙂


Definitely turned out better then the cake I brought to class last week!  I was very proud of it even though it is a cake mix…it’s still pretty!


So beautiful!  *sigh*


Last picture of the cake part…just take it all in…perfect, lovely cake! 😉



Oh, here’s the amazingly YUMMY sandwich I ate while waiting for the cake to cool off.  Ha ha!


Once the cake cooled, I put chocolate frosting around the edge and then orange colored vanilla frosting in the middle.  The cake turned out so good because I put a mix meant for two pans in one pan so it would rise well and I could *torte the cake to make layers!  It took forever to cook since it was so dense at first, but it finally cooked all the way through!

*(To torte a cake means to level it and make multiple layers out of one layer)


And BAM!  There it is all iced up!  Sylvie did the jack-o-lantern in the middle and the dots and pearl sprinkles on the bottom border, and I did the flowers and small detail around the cake!


These flowers are SO much fun to do and very easy!

After we were done making a mess I made rainbow frosting with the extra.  This is the super vivid setting on my camera.


Nice and bright!




Looks good vivid! 😀


And speaking of cake, our third class this week was about filling and decorating cupcakes!


I personally don’t like a lot of frosting on my cake or cupcakes, and especially not filling AND frosting on a cupcake, so these were a bit much for me, but they turned out pretty.

IMG_6444   IMG_6445

Everyone ate Sylvie’s before I could get a picture of them, so these ones are the ones I made.  I was tired of blue and pink after this class.


This one was good because I didn’t fill it with cream and there were only a few flowers on it. 😉


Well, it’s fall!  The weather is staying crisp and cool and we’ve started turning on the heat inside and thinking of fires in the fireplace.  And we have pumpkins!


Such a fall asset. 🙂


The garden is still over run by marigolds and now cosmos too!  I wish I could get a big overview picture of the garden but when I try it just looks like a bunch of weeds!


It was a beautiful day when these pictures were taken.  These were taken on Wednesday.


I never knew that cosmos were such a lovely, elegant flower!  I’ve come to like them I think.


These pink zinnias are probably my favorite ones ever!


So pretty!


I’m happy that there are still some flowers in bloom, that everything isn’t dying yet because of the cold!  It’s warm enough still for most flowers through the day, and of course there are flowers that can stand the cool weather like my favorites…..


Pansies!!!  I shall never know what brings me so much joy from these little flowers, but they are my favorites!


I love them!


Pretty kitty

Sylvie and I had a fun day yesterday doing hair and painting nails, etc!  Of course there isn’t much you can do with my hair right now so I let her blow dry it and put some styling mousse in it.  Her hair on the other hand is VERY long, so I had fun styling it!  Actually her hair turned out so good that I took a picture of it to share!

IMG_6579   IMG_6581

I am not one for doing the best job of styling other peoples hair, but I was thrilled with how this turned out!  It stayed in all day too!  Yay! 🙂

It’s a few minutes after 3:00pm and we’ve got to get going for the Fall Festival!  I’m excited about it! 🙂  Here are my promises for near future posts:  I promise to post pictures from the beach AND also share some pictures from an awesome car show we went to last weekend! 🙂  All I have to do is go through the pictures which I PROMISE I will do!!!

Much love and have a wonderful day!

God bless,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charisma
    Oct 26, 2013 @ 14:49:00

    What lovely cakes! I love how even and fluffy the first one came out!


  2. relishliving
    Nov 09, 2013 @ 00:11:25

    I didn’t realize how pretty Sylvie’s hair was that day. Good Job Jenny!


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