Waiting til Dawn

As I sit here waiting for the clock to strike 12:00am, I hear fireworks going off from the houses of our neighbors and people who live close by.  “The year is really coming to an end.” that’s all I can think about…2013 is over.

There were many things that I should have done this year and many things that I wanted to do, learn, or try, and I know I am young and have (God willing) a lot of time ahead of me, but by God’s grace I have learned to savor every moment, and I don’t want to “waste” any time, days or months!  But I shouldn’t be dwelling on the things that weren’t accomplished.  I must hold myself accountable to accomplishing them!  And that is truly my plan, my goal, my “resolution” for, really, my life!

Here is a Jesus’ Calling to wrap up the year with.

Jesus Calling

December 31st 2013

As this year draws to a close, receive My Peace.  This is still your deepest need, and I, your Prince of Peace, long to pour Myself into your neediness.  My abundance and your emptiness are a perfect match.  I designed you to have no sufficiency of your own.  I created you as a jar of clay, set apart for sacred use.  I want you to be filled with My very Being, permeated through and through with Peace.

Thank Me for My peaceful Presence, regardless of your feelings.  Whisper My Name in loving tenderness.  My Peace, which lives continually in your spirit, will gradually work its way through your entire being.

Isaiah 9:6; 2 Corinthians 4:7; John 14:26-27


So, with that said, Happy New Years to whoever comes across this post!  Thank you to everyone who has supported Jennafifi in the past and still today gives so much support!  One of my favorite things is when WordPress sends your end of the year stats and etc and shows you all the stuff that went on in your blog the past year. 🙂  It’s a lot of fun!

Well there’s an hour left until 2014, so I guess I will now bid 2013 farewell.  God bless this new year!  Lord, I pray, in Jesus’ sweet name, that you be with us in this new coming year.  Provide for us, Lord, the things we need, whether it’s food, water, strength, guidance, all of the above, Father, please be with us and help us strengthen our weaknesses and progress further in our strengths.  I love you Lord and thank you for the blessings you have showered upon my life and my family.  Thank you for your Son and for His salvation for our sins.  Bring us to a wonderful new year and convict us of old ways and give us enthusiasm, endurance, inspiration and ambition to do things, learn, love, be prepared and seek You in every hour!  This I sincerely pray.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

I’m very excited for what God brings into my life for this new year and I want to learn, trust Him, follow Him, and learn more and more about Him and who I am in Him!  And I have plans for Jennafifi too and maybe for a new blog that will be dedicated to one particular thing…I haven’t decided yet, but we’ll see.

God bless, much love, and Happy New Year!  *cheers*


P.S. Does the snow on my blog GUSH down the page sometimes?  I’ll get on to check things and it’s like a snow storm is passing through! lol! 🙂  (Just a random note)


Christmas Treats

So, as Christmas gets closer and closer, literally TWO days away, the Barger house is usually quite excited for that wonderful day!  We draw names for Christmas so everyone gets one specific person a gift, and on Christmas eve we open that one gift so that’s always a lot of fun!  Then, on Christmas day (!!!) we wake up earlier then usually (around 5, 6am…you know.)  then we go downstairs and see if Santa brought anyone coal or treats in our stockings and then we wait and wait and WAIT until everyone who wants, for some reason, to sleep in on Christmas morning, wakes up and then we have breakfast and get settled down a bit and then open presents!  It’s all fun and exciting and I am truly grateful and blessed.  But…

The real “reason for the season” is to remember and to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  God’s only Son, sent from heaven to dwell on earth, God in the flesh having equal trials and tribulations just like man.  To eventually save and redeem us from our sins and give us salvation and a chance to live eternally in heaven with Him!  Wow!  It kind of gives me butterflies to think about it!

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

So, as you get excited and hyped up for Christmas (or maybe that’s just me), remember to be grateful and so thankful to God for sending us His Son!  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men!  (Luke 2:14 NKJV)  Remember also to love those around you and be thankful for any gifts that you receive.  That is very important which I am sure everyone here knows. 🙂


Well, the title of this post has a reason!  I have some yummy and sweet pictures to share with you, blog!  You might be thinking “What?  Pictures on Jennafifi??!?!?!!?!” but yes, it is true…I am going to share some pictures!  So without further ado, here are some pictures for you!


Stockings hanging by the fire…now that Bess and Sarah are gone we FINALLY have room!  (Just kidding!  I love you both! <3)


Decorations!  We decorated the tree a few weeks ago, but I forgot that I had pictures from that evening, so I’ll share them before the ooey gooey pictures! 🙂


My mother has accumulated some of the prettiest ornaments!  I love them!


Skylar made this.  Isn’t he’s so cute!


This is my baby ornament. 🙂  Precious Moments…I think I shared that last year.

IMG_7416  IMG_7417

(Having some difficulties with my manual settings…)


Voila!  Lovely tree this year.


Little Bubba’s profile…ignore the coats hanging on the wall!  lol! 🙂  His birthday is today!  Little Cael is growing up *sniff*.


And here’s John!  He has a nice profile.


Annddd…Cael put the star on the tree this year, with a little help from dad.

IMG_7664   IMG_7717

(Random story!)  There is a video game that I play called Animal Crossing and I’ve played every version of it since the first one came out in 2001 on the game cube (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a video game system which you hook up to the TV and it was shaped like a cube. 🙂 )  Anyway.  During winter you can make snowmen, so I made some Animal Crossing snowmen cookies.  I know I didn’t have to explain that, but oh well!


I drew this a few days ago.  Not finished with it yet.


And here it is again traced over with pen!  I was very pleased with how it turned out!


I decorated my room the other day too! 🙂  Hee hee.

Okay, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, maybe…


TADA!  Well, I didn’t make this, but isn’t it pretty?!

I did make this though…


Caramel!  My very first time making caramel and it turned out super good!


Can you guess what I’m stirring up here with caramel and pecans?


The temperature had to reach 240 degrees!  Hot!


I made chocolate/caramel turtles, and for those of you who have never had one I advise you to go and try one!


Yum! 😛

Skylar made all sorts of goodies!




Rocky Road Bars,


Peppermint/chocolate wafers, and that loaf of bread above!

Well that’s all of my sweet Christmas treats.


Susanna, my sister, flew back home from New York last night!  She went there last Sunday and stayed for a week, obviously, and it was so nice to see her and have her home again.  She was very happy to be home.  Very kindly, she brought (or should I say bought) us each a little gift.

IMG_7786  IMG_7787

This is what I got!  A pocket sized metal notebook WITH a pen and with the Empire State building on the front!  Awesome! 🙂

Well blog, I must get a move on with my day!  Time to celebrate my little brothers birthday and then before you know it, time to celebrate my Saviors birthday and a fun holiday!  I really can’t wait until Christmas even though, for me, it seemed to come so quickly this year!  I hope to be able to savor every moment of it and Christmas eve too; this whole week I want to savor!

Much love and Christmas cheer to you.  I hope your holidays are wonderful and blessed and that, where ever you are, you stay warm, dry and happy.  God bless and Merry Christmas!


Oh My Gosh!

It’s December 21st!  Oh my gosh!

I know there is no need to apologize, but I feel horrible that there wasn’t much going on on Jennafifi this year! 😦  I’m sorry!  Not to make excuses, but my mind was all over the place this year jumping from one thing to the next, thinking hard, and yet so dull and not inspired.  I need to work on that.

Well, Christmas is in four days which is unbelievable to me, but I am excited. 🙂  This time of the year is always nice and fun even if it seems to come so quickly.  I really do love Christmas!

Goodness.  I had so many “plans” to do stuff or get things done or started this month, and now there are 10 days left of December and I feel like I’ve slept through it all!  Why does it seem like I’ve been such a slug?!

Last night I got to visit my Grandparents and my Uncle and Aunt.  It was so nice to see them all!  I had wonderful conversations with my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Larry and got to see Uncle Paul and it was very nice!  It was wonderful to see them during the holidays.

There are some pictures that I’m loading onto the computer to share on my blog SOON!  I know I say that all the time, but it has been extremely hard posting and sharing pictures when my own personal computer is not in use!  Very difficult!

I hope this Christmas season has brought much joy and happiness into your hearts so far and I wish you the merriest Christmas!  Remember our Saviors birth and don’t forget to tell your family, friends, and loved ones how much you care about them.

God bless,


P.S. This is my 190th post! wow…

God is Taking Care of Me

Jesus Calling this morning was just another wonderful morning devotional that was assuring and encouraging and so very true.

God is taking care of us!  Of me, of you, of your sister and you brother; everyone!  He is working on our behalf.  We know nothing about our lives other then the moment we are living in, and yet we dream of, think of, anticipate, stress over, and long for days to come!  Or about the other way around; we long for the past.  Instead of just letting certain things go and not thinking of something you did wrong or stressing over situations that aren’t occurring now or wishing things were the same back whenever, etc!  But God has our lives written out and planned out before us and you would think that that would assure you to just “go with the flow” and relax, but the world makes the road that once was paved a rocky road leading to God’s will.  We just need to stick in there and follow it.

It is so easy to fall into what the world wants and thinks and says we need and should do, etc.  We need to look like models and be super skinny, or look like an actress and have the “perfect” body.  We need to have cell phones and text on them 24/7 and load pictures onto facebook and selfies…let me just pause there.  Selfies!  Really?!  I won’t lie that I have taken pictures of myself before, but not with the camera shoved into my face while I make a stupid facial expression and then load it to social media and say “OMG!  I look so hot!” or “I look horrible today.” or “Do you think I’m beautiful?!”  yeah…you won’t see me doing that unless I’m playing some kind of trick on someone!

Anyway.  I don’t really know exactly what I’m trying to say!?!  I just had the urge to write something!  It’s just coming more and more clear to me and vivid to me that this is a selfish, self-centered, all-about-me world!  No one pays attention to other people or cares about what is truly important like your family and your friendships that are loyal and true!  They’d rather go buy themselves a $1,000 Prada bag then donate a few dollars to a fundraiser or donation for something.  Money is the root of all evil…or one of the roots.  It’s so easy to be obsessed with every penny you earn or making sure you keep track of every penny or just focusing your whole life and what you want to do around money!  Almost everything you do requires some sort of payment, which is annoying or hard sometimes, so you do need to be cautious and not go overboard with shopping or anything, but don’t focus so much on it!

Also, just a random thought to go along with this random post, learn to set yourself aside.  I won’t sit here and give anyone orders or point fingers or anything because it’s your life and I’m just a person expressing my own feelings, but truly if you can learn to set yourself aside, not letting yourself and your flesh get in the way of your life and God’s will, then you are good to go my friend!  I haven’t even gotten the full concept of that yet!  It’s so SO easy to do things unconsciously even like something as simple as looking in the mirror and saying to yourself “Wow, I look horrible today!” or “Ohh, I look amazing!” (We’ve all thought both of those things before!).  I mean, it’s human, fleshly, nature to be selfish.  Fend for yourself, independent, woo hoo!  But…it’s something that I think everyone should be aware of, myself included; everyone.  A lot of the time when you’re thinking that you’re not really that selfish, it’s so easy to not know how you’re being selfish (I guess I said that already: being unconscious of your actions)!  I’ve been through situations before and then afterwards notice how ridiculous I acted or seemed and how selfish of me it was to not help someone or not lend a hand or whatever the situation was!  Selfish actions are easily unnoticed.

So, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, if your face is breaking out, if you’re going through an awkward hairstyle, or whatever, because in reality none of it matters AND, get this, the majority of people in the world, people like you and me, people who sit around worrying about what they look like and what other people think they look like, don’t…even…notice!  Nope!  The blinded truth is most of the time people wouldn’t have even noticed the pimple you were trying to cover up for an hour before you left, or that you have a small stain on your blouse, or fill in the blank!  And the small patch of people who really pay that much attention to your imperfections and notice those things are obviously very insecure themselves and have to point out the flaws in others to try and make themselves feel better!  See!  It’s a selfish world!

I’m not really trying to prove a point even though it may seem so.  I don’t want to tell you how to manage your budget or treat other people, even though we should treat other people as we would ourselves and love them as God does!  I’m also not dogging anyone or trying to hurt anybody’s feelings.  I’m simply ranting on my blog!  Don’t take offense to what I have to say.  They’re just my thoughts at the moment!


Well…the sun is shining and the blue sky is calling me outside, so I must bid you adieu for now!  I watched the sunrise again this morning, but we stayed up late last night and watched Elf after decorating the Christmas tree so I was very tired and went back to bed.  lol! 🙂  I hope your day is blessed and that you can experience helping others or doing something that takes a little focus off of yourself and makes you feel good inside.  Also remember that God is taking care of you and has your life, every second of it, in His hands.  Just trust Him (it’s hard but possible as long as you don’t worry or fear about it)!  Much love,


P.S. Wow…this post jumped around to a lot of different things that are actually kind of all connected! 🙂  Funny how that works.

Morning Musings


My journal entry this morning, 7:50am (revised a little bit).

  Our house is always quiet in the early mornings.  By early mornings I mean 8, 9, and even 10am, and by quiet I mean asleep!  We are not a morning family and there is nothing wrong with that.


  You may not think it, but I love waking up in the early mornings!  I love waking up to the sunrise!  My alarm went off at 7:30 (after is went off at 7am but I didn’t hear it), and I was up and ready to watch the sun rise up into the sky!  I opened my window, it was icy cold outside; there was frost on the roof, the car windows, and the arbor, and I looked out into the chilly morning just as the periwinkle sky started waking up.


  The trees were lined with a gold glimmer and as the clock ticked on the sun started to rise from the other end of the world.  The bright golden edges of it came first, and then finally, at 7:39am, the sun rose behind the trees and seemed to expand so far across the sky!  It was beautiful.


  So, at 7:39, the sun made it’s appearance after it’s grand entrance to the mornings sky and my room, being in the front of the house towards the sunrise, was soon consumed in the warmest, goldest, most, how can I explain…most honey gold light ever!  It was like my room was made out of gold!  I love that about my room; that it fills up with sunshine in the morning. 🙂


  A goal of mine is to wake up every chance I get to see the sunrise since we don’t have a good view of the sunset at all at our house.  It’s so beautiful and just assures you that there is a God, as funny as that may sound!  I’m sad to think of all the sunrises I’ve missed…..


I hope your day is filled with a warm, honey, glow and that you get a chance to watch the sunrise sometime if you haven’t in a while.  It’s getting so close to Christmas!  I can’t even believe it!  Really, I haven’t even given my mom a hint for what I might like (she usually gets something that I LOVE though so I completely trust her if I don’t decide on anything and am so thankful!).  Have a wonderful day!  God bless,