God is Taking Care of Me

Jesus Calling this morning was just another wonderful morning devotional that was assuring and encouraging and so very true.

God is taking care of us!  Of me, of you, of your sister and you brother; everyone!  He is working on our behalf.  We know nothing about our lives other then the moment we are living in, and yet we dream of, think of, anticipate, stress over, and long for days to come!  Or about the other way around; we long for the past.  Instead of just letting certain things go and not thinking of something you did wrong or stressing over situations that aren’t occurring now or wishing things were the same back whenever, etc!  But God has our lives written out and planned out before us and you would think that that would assure you to just “go with the flow” and relax, but the world makes the road that once was paved a rocky road leading to God’s will.  We just need to stick in there and follow it.

It is so easy to fall into what the world wants and thinks and says we need and should do, etc.  We need to look like models and be super skinny, or look like an actress and have the “perfect” body.  We need to have cell phones and text on them 24/7 and load pictures onto facebook and selfies…let me just pause there.  Selfies!  Really?!  I won’t lie that I have taken pictures of myself before, but not with the camera shoved into my face while I make a stupid facial expression and then load it to social media and say “OMG!  I look so hot!” or “I look horrible today.” or “Do you think I’m beautiful?!”  yeah…you won’t see me doing that unless I’m playing some kind of trick on someone!

Anyway.  I don’t really know exactly what I’m trying to say!?!  I just had the urge to write something!  It’s just coming more and more clear to me and vivid to me that this is a selfish, self-centered, all-about-me world!  No one pays attention to other people or cares about what is truly important like your family and your friendships that are loyal and true!  They’d rather go buy themselves a $1,000 Prada bag then donate a few dollars to a fundraiser or donation for something.  Money is the root of all evil…or one of the roots.  It’s so easy to be obsessed with every penny you earn or making sure you keep track of every penny or just focusing your whole life and what you want to do around money!  Almost everything you do requires some sort of payment, which is annoying or hard sometimes, so you do need to be cautious and not go overboard with shopping or anything, but don’t focus so much on it!

Also, just a random thought to go along with this random post, learn to set yourself aside.  I won’t sit here and give anyone orders or point fingers or anything because it’s your life and I’m just a person expressing my own feelings, but truly if you can learn to set yourself aside, not letting yourself and your flesh get in the way of your life and God’s will, then you are good to go my friend!  I haven’t even gotten the full concept of that yet!  It’s so SO easy to do things unconsciously even like something as simple as looking in the mirror and saying to yourself “Wow, I look horrible today!” or “Ohh, I look amazing!” (We’ve all thought both of those things before!).  I mean, it’s human, fleshly, nature to be selfish.  Fend for yourself, independent, woo hoo!  But…it’s something that I think everyone should be aware of, myself included; everyone.  A lot of the time when you’re thinking that you’re not really that selfish, it’s so easy to not know how you’re being selfish (I guess I said that already: being unconscious of your actions)!  I’ve been through situations before and then afterwards notice how ridiculous I acted or seemed and how selfish of me it was to not help someone or not lend a hand or whatever the situation was!  Selfish actions are easily unnoticed.

So, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, if your face is breaking out, if you’re going through an awkward hairstyle, or whatever, because in reality none of it matters AND, get this, the majority of people in the world, people like you and me, people who sit around worrying about what they look like and what other people think they look like, don’t…even…notice!  Nope!  The blinded truth is most of the time people wouldn’t have even noticed the pimple you were trying to cover up for an hour before you left, or that you have a small stain on your blouse, or fill in the blank!  And the small patch of people who really pay that much attention to your imperfections and notice those things are obviously very insecure themselves and have to point out the flaws in others to try and make themselves feel better!  See!  It’s a selfish world!

I’m not really trying to prove a point even though it may seem so.  I don’t want to tell you how to manage your budget or treat other people, even though we should treat other people as we would ourselves and love them as God does!  I’m also not dogging anyone or trying to hurt anybody’s feelings.  I’m simply ranting on my blog!  Don’t take offense to what I have to say.  They’re just my thoughts at the moment!


Well…the sun is shining and the blue sky is calling me outside, so I must bid you adieu for now!  I watched the sunrise again this morning, but we stayed up late last night and watched Elf after decorating the Christmas tree so I was very tired and went back to bed.  lol! 🙂  I hope your day is blessed and that you can experience helping others or doing something that takes a little focus off of yourself and makes you feel good inside.  Also remember that God is taking care of you and has your life, every second of it, in His hands.  Just trust Him (it’s hard but possible as long as you don’t worry or fear about it)!  Much love,


P.S. Wow…this post jumped around to a lot of different things that are actually kind of all connected! 🙂  Funny how that works.


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  1. xballerina
    Dec 18, 2013 @ 22:26:40

    Hi Jenny,
    I think you are right on here. I am actually more of a generally spiritual person than a structured religion subscriber, but I totally agree. This theme is especially appropriate this time of year, as it is all too easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holidays, rather than the beauty and love of the season. Peace and good will towards all!


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