Snow in January

I meant to post on Tuesday, but didn’t get the chance, so here I am!  Sorry I’ve been absent for a while.

So, on Monday we spend almost all day outside because it felt like spring!  The boys were wearing shorts and I was tempted to wear a dress!  It was so warm and nice.  Here’s a little proof of the warm weather.

IMG_9176   IMG_9181

Then on Tuesday we all woke up to find snow covered everything!

IMG_9235   IMG_9236




In Georgia everyone is use to snow in January, February, March, or maybe even April!  Not much though.  We don’t usually have white Christmases.  The snow came down heavy all day on Tuesday and it was no where near spring weather anymore.  We were all very excited!

A lot of my family got stuck on the way home from work, etc, but everyone got home eventually except one of my sisters, Susanna, ended up making it to my sister, Sarah’s, house (thank goodness!).  She’s home today though.


We definitely didn’t expect to get 2 or more inches of snow, but we did!  It was beautiful the following day too.  Yesterday we played outside almost all day taking breaks here and there to thaw out! 🙂



Here’s Wednesday morning all duded up to play in the snow.


Cael and I went sledding on my dad’s wooden sled that he’s has since he was a kid, and it was so fun!  We gained a lot for speed, believe it or not!


John, Skyar, and Cael tried to make a snowman, but the snow was too fluffy and it didn’t cooperate.  A funny note; right after my camera clicked and I took this picture, they all fell over in a pile onto the snow!  Ha ha! 🙂



I had fun drawing pictures in the snow on top of the car hoods.  They melted away today though.  *sniff sniff*


Cael is the KING of photo-bombing!  I have hundreds of pictures where Cael just so happens to appear making the silliest or strangest face ever!  It’s so funny!


Caught on camera…Sylvie hitting Eli with a snowball. 🙂


Here we are sledding!  It was so fun!

The snow kept flying up my back though and that was cold.  You know, that shiver down the spine!



Yay…we look so attractive!  I don’t believe in beauty while the weather conditions are, shall we say, bad.  I’d rather be comfortable and warm then pleasing to the eye.  lol! 🙂

(Skylar insisted on taking a picture of us!)


He’s so cute!


Esme and I wore our scarves over our faces like so and we looked pretty shady.  I didn’t get a picture of her with her “bandit” outfit on though.


The cats just rolled in the snow!  Feels good I bet when you have a nice fluffy coat!


Someone put horns on my heart. 😦



So that’s our house all covered in snow!

Be sure to check out Bessie’s blog to see Evvie in the snow!  She’s so cute!


I went in the woods about a week ago and took some pictures after it had rained really hard (which I am going to post sometime soon) and below I have a comparison picture of the weather then and the snow on Tuesday!

IMG_8548   IMG_9254

Just thought I’d share that.


Well, again I apologize for not being around in a few weeks!  Sometimes I forget about posting!  I have really enjoyed the weather lately; before and with the snow, and I hope if you got any snow that you’ve enjoyed it, although it is not fun when you have work or need to go somewhere.


Stay safe and warm and I will be posting soon!  Get ready for cars, sunshine, and mostly random things from Jennafifi! 🙂

God bless,



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