Beauty Surrounds Me

The ice has finally melted away and the past couple of day have been beautiful.  The sun has been shining, the air has been crisp, and there has been an enchanting gentle breeze.  I love days like this.


Almost melted ice

Two days ago my little sister Esme and my little brother Eli joined me on a little adventure through the woods.  One thing I will always love about our home are the woods that were our second home!  I grew up living in the woods everyday.  We made houses and decks and bridges which are now hanging onto their last threads.  We’ve named sections of the woods such as Deer Cavern, and we had parties with mud pies and leaf cookies.  Anyway.


Moss on a tree

I love the woods.


Tree bark


On our walk through the woods we saw a hawk.  It was flying from tree to tree to find the perfect sunny spot to rest in.  It was beautiful!  You might not know this, but I have always loved birds.  Sitting outside and listening to all of the different birds chirping and fluttering by has always been one of my favorite things.  And if I was turned into an animal I would love to be an Eagle or a hawk.



Well, we followed this hawk through the woods and I had my dad’s Canon EOS T2i with me and I was having such a good time taking some of the most clear pictures ever, but…the hawk was too high above me to get a good picture of so I ran like the wind, which is big for me because I do not run, but I did and I ran inside to get my Canon Powershot xs40 with 35x zoom capacity (amazing camera that I highly recommend if you want good pictures but don’t want to go into debt!) and made it back before the hawk took off!  Here are some pictures that I got of the beautiful bird.


Brilliant!  This was one of the first pictures I got of it!


It flew away whenever we got too close to the tree it was in.  But luckily we kept finding it and were able to follow it to every spot it landed.  It was probably annoyed with us, but oh well!


So.  After we went in a few circles watching it leave one branch and land on another, I noticed that there were two hawks.  This made us all very excited and we were split up keeping watch over the hawks who were in two different trees.


Then the hawks landed in two trees right next to each other, but too far away for my camera to pick up both of them.  The thought going through my head was ‘I wish they would land on the same branch.  That would be amazing!’ and low and behold I got these golden pictures…




I couldn’t believe it!


They landed on the same branch and the one on the right kept looking down at us probably because we were making so much noise from our utter excitement of seeing them both in the same sunny spot!  It was, well, amazing!



They flew away.  But it was so fun watching them and following them through the woods and I love these pictures that I got even though in the long run they really don’t mean anything.  I guess I am really glad that I got to see it with my own two eyes.


So that was our Saturday afternoon through the woods.  I took some other pictures, so please sit back and enjoy the following images.


Male Cardinal


Female cardinal


This is random, but it’s the cats fur!  Cool picture I thought.


Clay the Cat


When I looked at this picture on the computer I didn’t notice the cat in the background, but I thought that looked really neat!




Lovely Esme




And here’s the mucky creek!  Ew!


An ivy heart 🙂


Cael, who joined us for a little while but got cold and went back inside.


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and an enjoyable Valentine’s day?  My mom always gets us candy and sets up the table with lights and hearts so that’s always fun. 🙂  And we got to spend Valentine’s day morning with Evvie, Bessie, and Davis!


Have a wonderful day and I hope your week is great!


God is so marvelous.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing Esme, Eli and I to see those beautiful birds in the woods the other day.  It was so fun to spend time in your magnificent creation and I thank you for blessing and providing us with the eyes and ability to see all of the beauty that surrounds us.  Amen!

“But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”  1 Peter 3:4

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”  Psalm 139:14

“So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.”  2 Corinthians 4:16

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11

“Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell; they sing among the branches.”  Psalm 104:12

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”  Matthew 6:26 NIV

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

“And I say, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest;…”  Psalm 55:6


P.S. This is my 200th post!  Wow!


Jennafifi was Nominated!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope everyone shared lots of love. 🙂

And now, for the main attraction…

Jennafifi has been nominated for the Liebster Award! 😀

My sister, Bess, over at the Vintage Home Sewist nominated my blog for this award!  This award is meant to be given to blogs that you think deserve more recognition!  I’ve been wondering for a while now what exactly these awards were for and how to get nominated or nominate someone, but I never knew until now.

Thank you so much, Bessie! 😀

Now with this high honor, I am suppose to follow the guidelines below and answer questions, nominate other blogs and give some fun facts about myself!  So let’s get started…


Here are the rules:

-You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you

-You yourself then pick 11 blogs who in turn have under 200 followers

-You must think of 11 questions for the blogs you have picked and also tell them

-You must link back to the blog that nominated you

-Write 11 facts about yourself

~11 Questions~

  • 1. What inspired you to start your blog?  I was inspired by Bessie who had been blogging for a few years hence my blog started and I thought it would be a great way to write and share things with the world and to have a place to get thoughts out of my head.
  • 2. How long have you been blogging?  Three years, which is crazy because it feels longer yet I’m still so clueless about the blogging world!
  • 3. What motivates you to get things done?  Hmmm…Encouragement, motivating quotes and reading uplifting scriptures in the bible, and listening to good music!  I would be half lost without music.
  • 4. Do you have a favorite old movie?  Um *wow Bessie*! 😉  I have WAY more then just a favorite movie, but to choose a few I would half to say “Pygmalion“, then there’s “Sabrina“, and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers“….SO MANY MORE!!!
  • 5. If you could be any fruit, which fruit would you be and why?  This is a very hard and serious question.  I would have to say, with much consideration, a peach because I can be sweet or sour and I am quite fuzzy.  lol!  And I guess I have a hard pit, whatever that means, and it’s my native fruit!
  • 6. What is an oddball fact about yourself?  I research actors/actresses, famous people in general, very diligently.  My family members would say everything about me is a little odd. 🙂
  • 7. Why did you choose the name of your blog?  It took a long time to think of a name, but I chose Jennafifi because my name is Jennifer and my nickname, since I was little, is Fifi and my dad has often called me Jennafifi, so that’s how!
  • 8. What is your favorite book?  Chasing redbird by Sharon Creech is my favorite book, but I also love Little Women, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, the Bible, other Creech books and just books in general (so I guess my answer should be almost every book)!
  • 9. What is your main goal for 2014?  As for “life” goals I really want to feel better and be healthier which I know everyone says, but I want to really try my best to be stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually (and emotionally too!).  Also I don’t want to be afraid of trying new things or messing up or stressing about the outcome of events.  Blog wise, I just want to hold myself accountable to blogging more and making people happy! 🙂
  • 10. What color eyes do you have?  Camouflage. 🙂  They were brown, and then they were brown and green, but I think they’ve settled with a brown/hazel color.
  • 11. What is something that makes you really happy?  My niece and nephew, being in the woods or outside surrounded by beautiful scenery on a breezy, sunny, day, and helping and encouraging people makes me happy (I need to work on that for a goal too; to encourage more!).

11 Facts about Me, Myself and I:

  1.  It takes me forever to make decisions.
  2. I LOVE bubble gum.
  3. I have an intense sticker collection!  I have always loved smiley face stickers the most.
  4. I am the sixth child of twelve children.
  5. I do not care for dogs…at all.
  6. I love writing and receiving letters so much.
  7. I wanted to be a veterinarian or a doctor when I grew up, but I changed my mind.
  8. When I was a baby my hair stuck straight up!
  9. I was a dancer for a lot of my younger years and I was certain at the time that I would be a dancer forever.  Turns out that was not the case, but I will always love dance and I truly love music more then anything (except Jesus and my family!). ❤
  10. I have always been afraid of messing up and asking questions about things, but I have learned that both of those things are very important to grow and to learn, so time to work on that, Jenny.
  11. Lastly, I love Jesus Christ with my whole being and I believe that He is my Savior who died for my sins and rose again.


Ok!  Time to list the 11 blogs that I would like to see receive more attention…

KrizSummer: A girl who has dedicated her life to Christ and writes inspiring things and shares her own lessons and struggles and joys about living a life serving Christ rather then following the rest of the world.

xballerina’s Blog: This is a blog full of ballet musings from a ballerina who has been dancing 14 years and is retiring from the stage.

Johnspetbasket: My little brothers blog about creatures and pets and art!  John is one of the most creative 8-year-olds I know and he can give you a lot of information about reptiles.

Crochet Granny Squares of Love: A wonderful charity where they crochet blankets and baby accessories and more to give to people in need!  I just found this blog and I think it would be so fun to donate something to them.

Pointe Shoes and Paper Airplanes: This is a wonderful blog by a girl who is starting college and leaving her comforts of home.  She posts about her day to day life and the things she loves, and she also comes from a large family and her blog reminds me of my blog sometimes.

Relish Living: My sister, Skylar’s, blog where she shares her heart and writes so beautifully and shares her very talented and unique perspective on life through words and photography.

Quiver Full: This is father’s blog!  As you can see we have quite a few writers in the family.  My dad is an amazing writer, author and poet and I want to encourage him to keep writing beautiful things!

The Art of UnNaming: Austin Grigg is a strong Christian who has many great things to say and share.  He was my youth pastor, and I learned so much from him and grew so much stronger in my faith from his teaching and he will always be a very strong influence in my life.

Just Nice Stuff: This blog is full of things!  Cooking, art, fashion, lifestyle, etc!  I enjoy this blog a lot, even though it exceeds the 200 followers limit…oh well!

Almost Exactly: This is a very informational blog about beauty tips and tricks for healthier hair, skin, etc.  The natural or better alternatives for products and tips and things you might have always wanted to know!

The Vintage Home Sewist: And just to make it a nice, uneven, 11…Bess’s blog! 🙂  Bess is my oldest sister and has a wonderful blog full of all different things.  She is an extremely creative person who has an Etsy shop, goats, one of the dearest babies ever, and, well, she nominated me! ❤

It was really hard to find that many blogs!  A couple of these blogs may have a bit more then 200 followers, but I still think they’re all great sites!


Here are your questions, nominees…

1. How did the name of your blog come about?
2. What are two of your favorite colors?
3. What is your favorite candy?
4. What is something really awesome or cool that has happened to you?
5. How many siblings do you have?
6. Do you like animals?  If so, what animal would you love to have as a pet?
7. What is something you love about blogging?
8. Do you have a favorite holiday?  If so, which one(s)?
9. What is something you used to do in your childhood that you wish you could still do today (or just something you used to do that was fun)?
10. Would you rather Kiss a Moose or Skin a Goose?
11. What is something you wish to achieve in your life?

Thank you again Bessie, and I hope my nominees enjoy filling this out and sharing this award with others!  It was a lot of fun to receive and very exciting as well.

Much love and God bless,


P.S. From my last post, this was the exciting news I wanted to share. 🙂  Not a great big deal, but an exciting thing for me and my blog!  Thanks for all of your support!

Ice Everywhere!

Well like the title of this post, there is ice everywhere!  Luckily right now it is sunny so a lot of it is melting, but boy there was so much ice outside!  It has been ice/snowing the past two days (or three, I’ve lost track) and I really didn’t believe it was going to!

IMG_9725    IMG_9726

Here’s a pic of our backyard all icy and frozen!  I keep looking out the window and am always surprised to see the white on the ground!  It’s really pretty out today though. 🙂

I went to Bess’s this past weekend and we had a wonderful time eating, watching movies, playing with Evvie and pressure washing…yes!  We pressure washed  her walk way and drive way and it looks AMAZING!

IMG_9645   IMG_9643

The dark part is the not pressure washed part, and the light part is the result!  Doesn’t it look amazing?!

IMG_9644   IMG_9642

Pressure washing is one of the most satisfying things ever!  I cleared about half of the drive way and a little of the walk way.  So fun!

CAUTIONbeware of the photos below because they may overwhelm you with cute shock which is a tummy tickling shock you get when you see utter cuteness making you unable to stop smiling and unable to say anything else other then “OMG”!!!

IMG_9616   IMG_9622

IMG_9630   IMG_9635


*HEAVY sigh*

I got to spend four days with that baby and I believe they were some of the happiest days of my life this year thus far! 🙂


Random, I know, but this is a loaf of bread I made yesterday.


I made four loaves and they turned out so pretty and yummy!


I braided one loaf, twisted this loaf above, and then kept two plain and simple.  I love making bread!


I also have been practicing my crochet and I’ve been making tons of these little hearts!


Aren’t they cute?  They are really fun and very simple to make!


I haven’t shared anything about the alpacas recently, and for those of you who didn’t know, we have two alpacas who live in our backyard!  Their names are Sahara and Danger.  Here’s what they look like (I took these pics a few days ago).


This is Sahara.  She is expecting a baby alpaca in the near future!


And this is Danger.  He looks like a distorted teddy bear to me.


I still get scared sometimes when I look in the backyard and see one of them run by.  They spook me!


My hair has been crazy, and now it has come to an awkward in-between stage where it’s surprisingly cooperating quite nicely!  Here’s a ahair update, I suppose.

IMG_9431  IMG_9425

These were taken two weeks ago.  Sarah braided my pixie and the bottom layers look really long, but that’s what they look like if I don’t blow dry my hair.  They get REALLY poofy and crazy!

IMG_9736   IMG_9740

Sorry for the blurry picture!  This is my hair today.  Getting longer on the sides and in the back.  It would be longer if I didn’t get so much trimmed off last time I got a trim!  I will just say that growing out a pixie is hard and awkward, but I have enjoyed my pixie and really don’t mind the awkward growing out stages except for the days when it’s just completely not manageable!


Oh, and I also made this crochet flower!  I need to cut those strings off though.


The sun has just set over the red barn next door and I didn’t spend any time outside today!  Oh well.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day to go out for a little while.

IMG_9728I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.


Stay warm and safe in this chilly weather.


Cael holding a puppy from our current litter

God bless and stay tuned!  I have a very exciting thing to share with you all that I’m working on now which will be published soon!!! 😀


Random Poem

Once I wrote a very short poem about May and clouds (or something like that) which you can find on my blog if you search “Poems”.  Just a short little thing.  And today, or yesterday really, I thought of that poem and decided to write down a little sequel to it.  Enjoy.

Today today it is long before May

and as I sigh a sigh of relief,

The clouds swirl by and the sun’s in the sky

and all I can do is smile.


Nothing professional or even that good but I wanted to put it on my blog.

Have a wonderful, blustery, day!