Spring is Coming

Spring Time!!!


All the spring flowers and bulbs are blooming and it’ starting to look so colorful outside!


Well, the crocuses are the only things in our yard that have bloomed.  But the daffodils are not too far behind!


I was so happy to see the sunshine this morning!  It has been so overcast and gloomy; we needed the sunshine.


It’s March!  Goodness.  January lingered for me which I was happy about, but February was gone in a flash!  I’m hoping for a long March because I have a lot to do and things to get started on.


We have eight puppies getting ready to go this upcoming week.  What I am excited about is having quite a long time before the next litter is born!  We get so caught up with the dogs and puppies and all the animals that other things more important don’t get a second chance or are forgotten, so I’m looking forward to some time without puppies to refocus on other things.


I hope we have a few sunny days in a row.  I REALLY hope that we have a sunnier year this year.  Last spring/summer was so wet and it rained so much.  ‘Please, Mr. Sunshine, keep on shining!’.



Cael and I were outside climbing trees.  Well, he was climbing the apple tree and I was, obviously, taking pictures.  He’s so cute.:)


The kitty joined him in the tree.  Cael is so adventurous.  He always wants to climb the big tall trees with the branches he can’t reach yet.


I asked him to smile “sweetly” and, well…there ya go!  It is very hard to get a smile that is not exaggerated from this little monkey boy!


Sorry I haven’t been very active on here.  I haven’t been very active at all in any way lately!  Very idle and lazy which isn’t a good thing or a good habit.  I need to sharpen up a lot!

I won’t make any promises, but I do want to post more.  I just haven’t thought of anything or done much to have anything to share!  But, I am sorting through some pictures and will come up with some posts that will hopefully encourage or inspire you and myself as well. 🙂

God bless and much love.  Have a glorious rest of the week!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. limbiley
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 05:59:19

    Lovely pictures there.


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