French Macarons and Masquerade!

Hello Blog!  I am back with things to share…finally!  So lets get started.

First off, this morning my sister Esme and I made French Macarons (<— click to go to a tutorial on youtube!)!!  I watched and read probably 15-20 different videos/recipes and decided to settle on this one by Honeysuckle Catering. 🙂  There are only four ingredients.  Well, five if you add a pinch of salt which you should because the other ingredients are: Almond flour, Powdered sugar, Sugar, and Egg whites…sweet!


I did not take step by step pictures because I have other things to share, but I did take some pictures to show you guys.

So, for our first time these turned out very nicely.  I mixed them a little too much and then I baked them for a little too long which is why they are lightly brown instead of green.  We were going to make blue and yellow, but I separated it unevenly therefore we mixed the colors together and got a light green color.  Oh well!


For the filling, since they are sandwich cookies, I just made some good ole’ Butter Cream Frosting!

(^^ click above and it will take you to another macaron video which also has a butter cream recipe, which I used today^^)


I think they turned out really cute and even though it was a rough batch for the first go round, they taste REALLY good!  The tops and bottoms are very light and crunchy and the insides are chewy plus the filling is gooey and yummy!  I forgot to add a pinch of salt to the macarons, but I made up for that by adding a pinch to my frosting.


Perfect bite size treat!  Two bites actually.



Next time I will be making Petit Fours!  So stay tuned! 😀


Ok, on to the next subject…Masquerade!

My sisters Sylvie, Esme and I are going to a costume/masquerade party tomorrow!  It’s at a church and will be an evening of bible reading, food, and dancing!  And , like I said, we will be dressed up in a costume of any sort.  Fun fun!

I’m not completely sure what I’m going to wear (I need to decide since it’s tomorrow!), but I made a mask just in case I decide to dress up like a real masquerade attendee!  Below is a quick picture tutorial on how I made it (or click here to watch the video I watched!)


You’ll need:

  • A piece of white paper
  • A piece of any color colored paper OR paint
  • Some cardboard (a cereal box would be good)
  • Measuring tape
  • A pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon of any kind
  • and any kind of decorative stuff like glitter, glitter glue, buttons, etc etc etc!


Measure the width and height across your eyes to see how long it needs to be.  You can make it as long or tall as you want, but make sure if you want extravagant cutouts on the sides you need to leave extra length across.

Next get a ruler (I forgot to put that!) and your white paper and measure out a rectangular shape with the measurements you took.

Now cut out the rectangular shape and fold it in half.


Once folded, take your pencil and sketch out what you want it to look like.  The eye cut out should be about an inch or half an inch from where ever you make the nose arch (the little curve over your nose at the bottom).


Now cut it out!  This is your guide to making your mask.


Ok, if you choose to use colored paper then pick a color and then trace your guide mask onto the colored paper.  If you choose to use paint skip this step.


Next trace your mask onto the cardboard.


Cut both of them out and now you can set you guide aside.

After you cut these out (cut out the eye space too), get your clue stick and cover the cardboard with it then attach the colored paper to the cardboard.  If you choose paint, now is the time to paint a background color on the cardboard.


Next, to get a rounded shape take your mask before the glue dries all the way, put it on the edge of a table and curve it around the edge to make the circular shape.  If you use paint wait for it to dry then round it off.


Now you can draw a design on it and trace it with glitter glue, glue and then sprinkle glitter over it, metallic paper, thin ribbon, whatever you want!  Then you can continue decorating until you are satisfied. 🙂


After you decorate, or before (it doesn’t matter) cut two holes out on the sides if you choose to make a mask that wraps around your head.  Then attach ribbon or string or present ribbon and there you go!


I attached it to a skewer with hot glue and then I curled some ribbon by wetting it and spraying it with hairspray and then I wrapped the damp ribbons around the skewer, put paperclips on the ends to help it stay, and put my hair dryer on high, hot, heat and dried the ribbons!  It was SO simple and took probably 3 minutes.

I also put my white paper guide on the inside of my mask because I used a cracker box and the inside had the brand name and pictures of crackers on it! 🙂


There ya have it! 🙂  If you ever need to make a masquerade mask, you’ll know where to find a tutorial!!

IMG_0565 - Copy

And here it is “on”.  lol!  I was trying to see how much eye make up I should wear.  The eye cutouts are a bit big, but it turned out well I think.


I hope if you try to make macarons that you have great success and enjoy making them, and also if you make a mask for a mysterious ball or party, I hope it turns out wonderfully whether you use the tutorial above or experiment on your own!

IMG_0632 - Copy

Have a wonderful, warm, and blessed day!  Much love and I will be posting again soon.



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  1. Jayne Huber
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 14:56:42

    Wish I could taste one of these macaroons! And I LOVE the mask, so beautiful! You are so talented, Jenny! Thanks for the delightful post and pics! Love, Aunt Jayne. 🙂


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