July is Almost Over

Phew!  It’s almost over.  Just six days left…

July has been quite the month, I’ll just say that.  We have had losses and homecomings, departure and stress on every level imaginable!  I cannot wait for this month to be over.

The Miller’s and Skylar have left for Korea and we are eagerly awaiting news of their safe arrival.  I cannot believe they are really gone, and yes they will only be there for 22 months, but it is still very heard and very different to have them away from us.  Skylar will only be there until October though, and then she’ll have to fly back home alone so please keep her in your prayers!

So, no I have not been posting hardly at all and I have SO MANY things and pictures backed up that I have been wanting to share for weeks and months!  I get so caught up in my head thinking about things and not doing anything and the past few months have been so idle and lazy on my part.  And that has built up a lot of aggravation and anger in me which I know shouldn’t but it has.

I am physically and emotional in every way wiped out!  You think that by now all of the little things I wanted to achieve at the start of this year would be done by now or half way done, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of the things I really wanted to do and now it seems like all time has been taken away from me because I am so tired and I have been so lazy!  UGH!  I didn’t want to post in this anger, but that is what I feel at the moment, I’m sorry.  Why haven’t I had the inspiration, motivation and initiative to do these things I have longed to do for so long?  I don’t know why.

Please, whether I know you or not, I just ask for a prayer of peace and guidance over my family and I.  It is very stressful sometimes, especially lately, and I’m not sure how my body is going to take it for much longer.  I’m not n charge of a bunch of things and pushed to do a lot of hard work (at the moment), but all of the things that have happened recently and mainly other peoples stresses and problems is just very draining of life, enthusiasm and happiness!  Not to sound over dramatic.  I’ve got to get on track with things, start taking care of myself better and start living.  I have not been living at all and I need to be!  What I have been doing is “living” in a swirling downward spiral of self pity and depression and negativity!  But don’t worry, as life goes on and gets harder or easier, I know this too shall pass and I’ll get a chance to breath and genuinely smile.  I must relax.


Our last group picture before they left!  Not the best since it as a hard evening and very emotional, but I am glad we got to take a picture.

God bless, and I mean that.  He is so good and SO great and SOOO mighty and my prayer for everyone reading this is just to have continual thanksgiving towards Him and follow Him whether the road seems steady or not.  Much love and hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day (and a happier attitude)!


P.S. Oh…..I forgot what I was going to say!  Drat! 😛


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