Red, White and Green


Christmas time is here!  Thanksgiving is gone, lots of birthdays have passed, lots are coming, and lots of time has past especially since I have last posted, and life in general is just passing.  On that note…


Dear Jennafifi, I’m alive!  I can’t say we’ve had a great year of blogging because I really haven’t at all this year, but that’s ok.  There are so many posts that I started and a lot of things I wanted to share, but when I had time to do it I guess I wanted to do something else more.  I’ve missed blogging this year though!


So, it’s Christmas Eve!  Wow!  Why has this year seemed to zoom by faster then anything?!  I usually can’t remember last Christmas by the time it comes around again, but I remember Christmas 2013 pretty clearly!  Everything I’ve been involved with, every event, every person, etc, has all just phased me and then swoosh, it’s gone hardly leaving a mark to remember.  Can anyone relate?  I hardly remember anything I’ve done this year because it has just cruised on by.

I feel like the past few times I’ve posted it has been more serious or just me trying to organize my crazy thoughts.  There is just so much on my mind and at the same time I don’t really think about anything!  Makes no sense.  Anyway.  I won’t go on and on about my thoughts, sorry guys.


Santa Claus is coming tonight, oh my gosh!  Santa has already come to Korea to see our dear family there!  It’s Christmas morning in Korea as I type this.  It has been so busy in my life lately.  I have been so exhausted since this summer; I feel like I could use a good hibernation.  I can’t believe, truly, that it’s Christmas and that the Miller’s have been across the sea for five months!

Well, I know I haven’t been on here in a while and this post was pretty short, but I have things to do before the morning and a Skype meeting with the Korean folks to attend to, so may your day be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be red, green, and white!  Merry Christmas, much love and I might as well say Happy New Year!  Crazy…

God Bless!



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