My Utmost for His Highest, January 22nd


What am I looking at?

“Look unto Me, and be ye saved.”

Isaiah 45:22

Do we expect God to come to us with His blessings and save us?  He says–Look unto Me, and be saved.  The great difficulty spiritually is to concentrate on God, and it is His blessings that make it difficult.  Troubles nearly always make us look to God; His blessings are apt to make us look elsewhere.  The teaching of the Sermon on the Mount is, in effect–Narrow all your interests until the attitude of mind and heart and body is concentrated on Jesus Christ.  “Look unto Me.”

Many of us have a mental conception of what a Christian should be, and the lives of the saints become a hindrance to our concentration on God.  There is no salvation in this way, it is not simple enough.  “Look unto Me” and–not “you will be saved”, but “you are saved.”  The very thing we look for, we shall find if we will concentrate on Him.  We get preoccupied and sulky with God, while all the time He is saying, “Look up and be saved.”  The difficulties and trials–the casting about in our minds as to what we shall do this summer, or tomorrow, all vanish when we look to God.

Rouse yourself up and look to God.  Build your hope on Him.  No matter if there are a hundred and one things that press, resolutely exclude them all and look to Him.  “Look unto Me,” and salvation is, the moment you look.


I started out this year reading Oswald Chambers “My Utmost for His Highest”, Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling”, and the NLT One Year Bible.  Yes; a bit of a devotional overload, but so far it has been wonderful!  There are always some days when I forget to read because the day started late and I went to bed late, or whatever the excuse is, but I have really enjoyed being so much in the word.  Now to apply it to my life and really learn and pray and Look unto Him!


I wrote out a WHOLE blog post and had some really awesome thoughts and encouraging things to say, but I got back home and my computer malfunctioned, apparently, and didn’t save my post and deleted it along with some other stuff!  UGH!  That really stinks!  Oh, Jesus Calling was really goo today by the way.  Very encouraging.

Well, have a wonderful rest of your week, and be careful with electronics…they will let you down most of the time.


P.S. Also WordPress changed a bunch of settings and stuff when you log in and it’s SO different!  I wish it hadn’t changed.  Oh well!  (I REALLY wish my post hadn’t been deleted!  I must let it go.  Look unto the Lord!!!)


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