Snow is Falling!


It’s 32 degrees and getting colder!  It is actually snowing right now!  Little flurries are falling from the sky!

Snow is enchanting, and I don’t mean to sound dramatic.  It’s almost magical how it pours from the clouds and yet makes no noise; that’s what I love about snow.  It’s quiet and beautiful.

I thought the snow would pass us this year, but I always seem to forget how Georgia winters are!  Usually the snow comes in February/March.  I’m glad I’m at home and I pray everyone will make it home safely.  Because we don’t get a lot of snow people don’t know how to react to snow and ice very well where we live, so that’s why I pray for safe returns home for my family members because people get crazy trying to get home!


The picture above is probably one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken this year so far!  It makes my heart happy.  I love music, which probably I’ve said a million times before, but it is one of my favorite things.  I play piano daily and I sing and play guitar and listen to music and then sing worship on Sundays and I think my life would be extremely empty without music.

Thank you Lord for music and for the joy it brings to myself and so many others!  Allow us to be influenced by the right music, Father, and to seek you Lord in this world where the music industry is very corrupt and artists these days seem to be so lost and the majority of popular music is so vulgar.  Jesus, thank you for this day!  Thank you for the snow and thank you for your protection and provision.  I love you and praise your Holy name.  Be with us God and bless this day and in Jesus sweet name I pray, Amen.

Stay warm!

Much love,



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