Fall Musings

As I sit here, wishing to be out in the cold breeze of the autumn air, I realize (and can’t believe) that it is October, and the end of it too, and that there are only two more months of this year!  Two!  That is mind blowing!  Where does time go?  What have I been doing for the past 10 months?  Why is it already the end of October?!

It’s beautiful outside; the leaves are changing colors and sound so crisp when they crunch under your boots.  You can see the faint mist of your breath in the early morning temperatures, and the moon and stars at night seem even more alive then ever before in the low temperature of the night.  Soon we’ll have to manage time even better then we are now as day light savings comes to an end…I always miss day light savings and I wish it lasted in the fall instead of the summer.  Alas.

Fall is a very important season for me.  Unlike the big businesses and the world who sets up for Christmas before Halloween, I like to savor every second of the fall.  Also Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  I feel most alive in the fall; always have and always will.  As the first day of October comes I feel a thousand pounds lift off my shoulders and joy fill my heart, and I hope those around me can see the utter excitement and twinkle in my eager eyes to see the changing colors and feel the cool temperatures of fall!

Oh fall!  Thank you for coming!


Even in the midst of life, which you can so easily get ahead of yourself in, there are simple joys, like the seasons changing.  It’s difficult at times to find these joys (or easy depending on how you handle things), but I try as best as I can to find them and I know that through Jesus Christ I can for “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13) and I know that the Lord is my strength and that joy comes from him (Ps. 28:7).  That’s what I try to remember each and every day, whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, sunny, raining, night or day.  It’s never going to be easy, but hopefully it be easier.

Life gets piled up sometimes and things get stressful, depressing, discouraging, upsetting, fill in the blank, and you shut down.  I’ve felt that way recently anyway, but after I overreact and get upset about my life and my problems and troubles, etc etc, I take a deep breath, take a BIG step back, and remember who is in control.  Not me.  Oh the freedom of that realization!  I’m NOT in control!  I do NOT have to worry!  I do NOT have to be afraid!  Phew!  The Lord is my strength and my shield.  I am forever grateful for that even during the moments I forget.

Thank you, Lord.


I’m working on Pixie Haircut Part 3 so STAY TUNED!!!  If you care to see my pixie haircut journey, then please click the following links.

Pixie Part 1          Pixie Part 2

Thank you for stopping by.  God bless and have a WONDERFUL fall afternoon!  I’m going outside now and will be there till the sun sets.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. turbomama20Casey123
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 19:23:08

    Amen, Jenny! He is in control and not us. Why is that so hard for us to remember? Great post and I love fall too!
    Love you more,
    Aunt Jayne


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