Thursday Thoughts


It’s Thursday, the 2nd day of June.  I don’t know what I think about June, in general…not that my personal opinion of June matter.  Anyway.

Today marks the 32nd year my parents have been married.  Happy anniversary to two people I love dearly and wish the absolute best and utmost happiness for!

Summer is here.  Weird!  Time for shorts, tans, pools, teenagers ruining everyone elses outings…haha!  It might sound mean but it’s the truth!

21 more days…TWENTY-ONE!!!  That is the number of days until my Lyn-Lyn is back home! ❤  Oh!!!  I can’t even wait to squeeze R and E SO tightly in my arms!


I don’t have a very “exciting” summer planned.  Yes, I have quite a bit of stuff to do, and yes I’m looking forward to the summer, but no big plans.  Just day to day to do’s!

Hmm…I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.  I don’t feel like checking the weather, but I hope it doesn’t rain, only because I have to drive and I don’t want to drive in the rain.

This is a random post, but it’s late, I’m working in the morning, and I wanted to post something!  Haha!  The days to come will have more thought beforehand.

Well, I better catch some Z’s, as they say.  Lord, thank you for this day!  Thank you for the people I got to see and talk to and be a light for.  I love you!  Bless this weekend.  Amen.


P.S. Photography by me…


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