Saturday, June 4th

Aloha!  So, already I’ve missed one day, but I have good reasons!  Yesterday, June 3rd, I woke up at 5am with horrible stomach pain.  Turns out a snuck some dairy into my body from the day before, little to my knowledge, and I was throwing up all morning which left me feeling very weak and pathetic all day Friday!  SHOUT OUT to my amazing coworker who was able to last minute fill in for me.  Thank you SO much!

Anyway, that was my Friday.  I do not wish the pain of lactose intolerance on anyone.  It is awful!

Last year I posted something (one or two posts) each month except December, and this year I posted in January then missed the four months between January and June!!!  Just coming to that realization and I can’t believe it!  No it’s not a big deal, but how can I call myself a blogger if I took a four month hiatus?  Sometimes you just need a break, but it’s not like this blog is taxing on my life whatsoever!  But here I am now, so I will stop writing about how I’ve not been blogging.

Okay, I lied…one thing about not blogging is that I take TONS of pictures with the intent to blog about them and I don’t, therefore I have TONS of pictures of past events or ideas that wouldn’t make much sense to post now and I have to decide whether to delete them or not.  Okay, now I’ll move on.


I’m going to “brag” on a few of my siblings real quick…


This kid is losing all of his teeth!  It’s crazy!  Two front teeth are gone, one bottom tooth fell out yesterday, and a few more have come out!  What a stinker.

Mr. Cael never smiles for pictures, so my friends, this is a very RARE picture!  He is such a little man; tough, serious, sensitive, adventurous, caring, animal whisperer, thinker.  He’s so cute, but if he were to read that I would be chased around the kitchen!  He prefers not to be referred to as cute, as hard as it is not to say.


John is a creature enthusiast.  This lovely chameleon is Emerald.  She is awesome.  I love her.  John is currently adding onto a small salt water aquarium tank he has and it is full of crazy creatures!  He is very knowledgeable about his creatures, though sometimes he thinks he’s a little too smart, but John is a very gentle and sensitive young man, with great ideas and good intentions, and he has a blog he’s also working on called John’s Pet Basket: Reef Snippets.  Check it out!


Oh, what a heart throb!  This one is going to have all the young ladies falling over themselves.  Again, another sensitive, dear young man.  Eli is so thoughtful, helpful, caring, and smart!  Very good at figuring out how things work and putting things back together after taking them apart.  He is getting way too tall though!  I am very short (5 foot 1 1/2 inches), so having all my younger brother growing sky high over me is very strange.  Eli just got a lizard, but I don’t remember what kind he is.  Sniffleton is his name, if I remember correctly (he just got him 2-3 days ago).  All of my brothers are outdoors men, especially this guy.  No shoes and all!


Well, I am going to work in my room.  I need to go outside and breath some fresh air!  We’re working on moving bedrooms around so I’ve got a lot of work to do.  Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed weekend!  Make sure you tell your family you love them!

Much love,


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