Thankful #9: Perspective


November 9th, 2017…

I am so thankful for perspective.  The perspective we have of ourselves, other people, God, the very world.  The ability to take on different perspectives, how crucial of an art that is to learn (taking on a different perspective), and for how helpful it is to see not only eye to eye, but in a whole new way.  I am thankful for the things, people, situations and experiences that help put things in perspective which is generally much simply than we first see it.


(I had some specific thoughts about at work, but…I have forgotten!!  hmmm…)

Perspective is an art, one that for me hasn’t come easily.  I have always been empathetic, sympathetic, and somewhat able to put myself in another persons shoes (that was all redundant!), but having a changed perspective of myself, my life, my struggles, my strengths, my weakness, me…that has been a true challenge!

Taking on this challenge is something I have recently attempted.  Not only because I wish to grow in this area, but also to understand myself more and other people.  Knowing how people truly see you and learning how they see themselves.  Not just other peoples perspective, but God’s perspective, which is so vast and huge and incredible!!


Lord, thank you for everything.  I ask for your assistance, Father, in taking on a new perspective of life.  There are so many ways to look at a situation and so often we look at it so much more complicated than necessary.  I believe it is quite necessary for us to learn how to put things in perspective, especially your perspective, God!  May I be so bold to ask you to allow me to glimpse through your perspective of life, circumstances, situations, and other people!  May I learn how to look at life through your eyes, Lord, and see people for who they are.  May I see myself, who you created me to be and how I am to step forward in my faith and towards the plan and will you have for me.  Thank you for the incredible human mind which has the ability and capacity to take on a new perspective, to create new habits, and to attempt to see things the way you see them.  Open my eyes to see, my mind to learn, and my heart to know what is true.  I love you,  Father.  Amen.




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  1. turbomama20
    Nov 14, 2017 @ 08:13:41

    I need this perspective too, Jenny. Not just mine- but God’s mainly and to respect other people’s! Thank you! Love AJ 🙂


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