Thankful #11: Freedom!!


November 11th, 2017…

I am so thankful for freedom!  Not only the freedom of this great country, America, which is taken for granted much too often by the world, but the freedom found in the bible!  I am so thankful for the freedom we can find within ourselves, in all the things that may seem little to someone else, but are so big to us!  We don’t have to stay in bondage to things.  No matter the uncertainty, no matter if someone may get hurt, no matter what, there is always a chance and a choice to find freedom and that is something to be thankful for.


Firstly, I would like to say thank you to the men and women who have sacrificed their “normal” lives for the freedom of their country.  Because of there services, we can do our day-to-day tasks at home while they are overseas fighting, we can be with our families while they are apart from theirs, and we can enjoy all of life’s little things while they are making it possible for us to continue to do so.  Thank you to every person I know who has given his or her life in this regard, and please know that your choice to do this, your sacrifice, whatever motivated you at first, it is one to be honored, no matter how deep you get into it, no matter what happens…no matter what, you are greatly appreciated and your experience, stories and life as a whole is an amazing testimony!  Through what you’ve given up, may we learn true sacrifice of our comforts and never take things for granted.  Prayers to our serving men and women and their precious families; Godspeed and many blessings.


Finding freedom from certain situations or circumstances is something that seems impossible.  So much time can be “wasted” by believing you will never be free from mental, emotional, or physical struggles.  It is valid to be in a place where you feel the whole world is against you, or looking down at you, and you feel so inadequate to reach the “standards” and “expectations” all around you.

Something I’ve discovered very recently is this: the things we assume or believe other people expect of us or think of us are often, in fact, what we think, expect, and believe of ourselves.  How we handle, respond and react when we feel confined by life in general often reveals the truth of how we see ourselves or view certain situations.  If you are unsettled about a decision, a person or an issue and you’re trying to hide it away and figure out a solution all alone then someone happens to confront you about it whether they know what you’re dealing with or not, usually you get defensive and deny it, or you break down and cry, or you hide even more!  What I’ve discovered about myself anyway is that when I am stressed, scared, fearful, uncertain or just completely exhausted, I am very obvious with what I’m feeling or thinking when I’m trying so hard not to be!  I’m trying so hard to have it all under control and let the world think nothing is ever wrong.  And when someone asks me about it I will deny it even more because it’s become a habit, to say “I’m okay” and keep going, hiding away every care or concern, but wanting to share and find that freedom within myself.

No matter how scary it is, no matter how you’ve messed up, no matter how confusing a situation has become, no matter if someone may get hurt or dislike you, no matter if you feel utterly overwhelmed, no matter what…there is always freedom from whatever is keeping you captive.  Always!  You cannot lose faith or hope in that.  As a young woman, a people pleasure, a perfectionist, an analytical mind, and a middle child (lol), I often feel that my issues or struggles or problems are not necessary to confront, not valid to deal with for my well being, and not important enough for anyone else to care, so why mention them?  Why ask questions?  Why seek counsel?  Why find freedom?  “Why why why” if my issues are so little compared to SO many other things?!

Bottom line is that it’s not okay to stay stuck like this.  Whether it’s a relationship, a bad habit, an unhealthy belief system or thought process, or maybe you just need time to be alone and find some peace with God, whatever negativity is present and keeping you hidden, quiet, afraid, isolated; it’s not okay to hide and it is very important and completely valid to seek freedom and help from those things, no matter how scared you are!  Whatever scares you only makes you stronger, right?  Whatever fears you have are SO small compared to the freedom that can be revealed by the truth!  And guess what?  We have an amazing God who is waiting to take every fear from us, every burden, every hurt, every pain, every care, every concern; every single thing.  He is waiting with open arms to help us find rest in Him, and the freedom we yearn for in our daily lives.  In Christ who has conquered death and the grave, there is freedom.


Dear God, thank you for freedom!  Freedom is real and it is in You, Father, that there is true, complete, freedom!  I thank you for the freedom found in this great country.  Thank you for giving and trusting us with America.  We have fallen and been so unworthy of your blessings and provision and protection, but Lord, I ask for your hand to be over this great nation!  Lead us to acknowledge, know and respect who you are!!  Creator God!!  Open up our eyes and be with those who do not know you as Savior.  May seeds be planted within this nation as well as all of the world.  Thank you for the many men and women who have given up their lives for this country.  Past, present, and future, they are amazing individuals and I ask you Lord, in Jesus name, to guide them and guard them, to equip and prepare them, to provide for them and bless them, Father, to achieve the tasks set before them.  May your blessings overflow upon these men and women and their families.  I come to you, sweet Savior, and ask for your continued assistance in my freedom; freedom from within.  Freedom from old habits, from lies, from any trespasses I’ve done or that have been done against me, from unhealthy relationships, from toxic belief systems, and from any negative areas or people in my life.  So many things are easier said than done at first, but in you, o God, we are capable!  And we CAN overcome this bondage and fear and confinement.  Thank you for the truth in your word that states “…where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is freedom…” (2 Corinthians 3:17).  May we acknowledge your Spirit, God, when we are convicted of our wrong doings, when we are encouraged by your word, when we desire to praise and worship you, may we walk in obedience and in that may we find freedom in you alone.  Thank you.  I love you, Father, and pray in Jesus name, amen!


~*~Happy Veteran’s Day~*~



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