Thankful #13: New Beginnings


November 13th, 2017…

I am so thankful for new beginnings!  Though they feel few and far between, difficult to really achieve, they are very achievable.  You can always move forward no matter what you’ve done in the past, and I am so thankful for that truth.  For new chapters of life…


Not going to lie, new beginnings is a topic I often doubt.  How can you move forward knowing what you’ve done in the past and just “start over” forgetting everything you’ve ever said or done?  How can you move forward and begin again when you don’t know what the future holds or what you want to do or be or believe in this world?  How can you write a new chapter when many old ones feel unfinished?  All questions I’ve asked and wondered and thought about…

We will never have all the answers and that is something we must accept.  There is no use in sitting around wondering “why this and why that”.  That, my friends, only keep us stuck in the same place over and over and over again.  It is not fun to be stuck, to be stagnant, idle, or anything of the sort.  Focusing on what we simply will not know is pointless and one of the best ways to seemingly waste time.

Your past never leaves you, but it also doesn’t define you.  It’s helped make you who you are today.  Even with that, I realize some people want to completely forget their past and want no one to know of it.  That can be understandable especially if there was a lot of pain or negative influence or what not.  I encourage you though that your past and how you’ve conquered it, or how you will, is an amazing testimony to the people around you, people going through the same things and feeling hopeless just as you did or maybe do now.  Don’t lose hope!!

If you’ve come to a place like I have recently where you are beginning to let go of so much that has held you back from truly blossoming and become who you were created to be, I congratulate you!  I am so excited to be on this journey with you!  It’s terrifying to let go of everything you know and find comfort in and to move forward, towards a new beginning redefining who you are.  I trust in Christ alone to help me with this new chapter of letting go, forgiving and forgetting, confiding in other, believing in myself, and living moment by moment instead of dwelling on the past or being scared of the future.

That’s all I am capable of thinking about today. ❤


Lord, I thank you for this day.  Thank you for new beginnings and new chapters of life.  Please, Father, be with me every step of the way.  May my steps forward honor you more and more with each passing day.  I love you and I need you, God, more than anything else.  Guide me to forgive, apologize, let go, and find my confidence and, sweet Savior, to put my trust in you alone!  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.




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