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Part Three!  Here is it!  Long awaited…unless no one has been following this journey, then, well, it makes no difference! 🙂  If you’d like to see part 1 and 2, here are the links:

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So, we’re starting March of 2014.  I really enjoyed how my hair grew out during 2014.  I got to experience and play around with SOOO many different hair styles and lengths!  It was really fun!


Here it is, 6 months from the date I got a pixie, after a few trims and touch ups of course.  That’s one thing; you can’t grow out a pixie without getting it trimmed at all.  Ok, you can, but I prefer and recommend to get it trimmed at LEAST once a month.  If you’re trying to maintain a pixie then obviously get it trimmed whenever needed (every two weeks or so), but if you are trying to grow it out, make sure you at least trim the mullet…nobody wants nor wants to see that.

2014-04-02 12.25.01

In April we went to the Creation Science Museum in Kentucky (HIGHLY recommend!!!  AiG is amazing and the museum is beautiful!).  This is my sister, Skylar, and I posing with some prophets.  Yep.


In April the back of my hair got really bulky.  And in this picture you can see my little exploding chunk of hair, doing it’s own thing, making life miserable. 🙂  Look at my niece!  She has grown so much!

IMG_1944 IMG_2035


In May I tried to use my bangs more, but I have decided that bangs are not my favorite.  They are kind of inevitable when your hair is so short and layered, but I’d rather push them to the side or not have them at all.  I’d have to say that the picture above of me in the blue dress is one pic of my hair that I love! 🙂

Right now my hair is very frizzy and it’s just there.  I don’t have it styled necessarily, and the layers are a mess, but it’s long, that’s for sure!

#36 #37

June 2014, my hair was getting thicker and as you can see from this back view, that area of my hair is doing it’s one thing!  I swear!  Even now, as my hair is shoulder length, that side of my hair won’t straighten and is always frizzy!  It’s very aggravating.


This is a picture from my birthday in July.  I didn’t take hardly any pictures in July because I was depressed…I was depressed, sad really, that my sister, niece, brother-in-law and brand new nephew were leaving for South Korea!  Anyway.  This is one of the only pics I had from July.  The sides of my hair were getting long and I definitely kept the back trimmed.

IMG_1165 IMG_1199

Once the sides grew a little longer I wore it curled a lot.  August through Oct.-Nov. was my favorite length because it was short still, but long enough to do more styling.

IMG_1615 IMG_1708


In September, a year from when I got my pixie haircut, I had to intervene…if you can’t tell, it was an interesting phase of the pixie.  I enjoyed it, but it was just growing and growing and growing!  So I got it cut and styled.  Here are the results of that…

IMG_2136 IMG_2132

CUTE, huh?!  This was one of my favorite haircuts/touch ups/trims I got!  Got the back stacked a bit, got the front layers all fixed and it was just a good choice.  Moving on!

IMG_2285 - Copy IMG_2662

That haircut helped a lot with the rest of my growing out process!  In October my hair was very easy to deal with and looked good most of the time.  At least I could get it to cooperate.


It’s weird going back through all these pictures!  I’m glad I kept track of the growing out process whether I shared it on my blog or not.  It’s neat seeing the different phases of hair length, what looked good or bad, how I styled it and even how I changed within 1-2 years!  Any who!

IMG_3365 IMG_3387

November; a whole YEAR ago!  Wow…I had lots of fun curling my hair once it got longer.  I’m not afraid of the curling iron anymore. 🙂


Straightening iron on the other hand, NO!  I tried that and, well, it was not very pretty!  In November I did get my hair cut.  I got the back trimmed about an inch or two and a slight rounded bob was the result.

IMG_3887 IMG_0102_copy

December 2014…Aside from that chunk of annoying hair, I ended the year quite nicely!

IMG_0640 IMG_0754

By the end of December my hair was pretty much grown out.  It was a chin length or little longer bob.  But I didn’t stop there.  I have some pictures from this year and also my current hair length to date.  So I am going to add them to this post with the date of the photo written beneath it.  Please enjoy and THANK YOU for stopping by!


January 2015 (I got a trim)


February 2015


March 2015


April 2015


May 2015


June 2015


August 2015 (no July!)


September 2015 (In Korea)


October 2015


November 2015

IMG_8494 IMG_8497

Today, November 30th 2015…having a lazy day!

That’s the end!  From here on out it will keep growing long or I’ll cut it short or even get a pixie again and do it all over!  This journey was one I do not regret at all.  My advice for getting a pixie would definitely be to get a short bob before getting it cut into a pixie because going from shoulder length or longer hair to a pixie is a shock.  I was afraid of looking like a guy with my short hair, but I felt even more feminine.  Yes, I made sure I wore things to show that I definitely was a girl, but the short hair brings out your facial features and I guess while I had a pixie I never realized that I was pretty!  That might sound conceited, but you really see, underneath all that long hair, how pretty you are.

I’m not saying you have to cut your hair off to feel beautiful; that’s just one thing I noticed from my hair being so short.  I felt beautiful!  When it comes to hair I enjoy having short hair AND long hair and I wish it grew faster so I could keep it short for a couple months then have it long for a couple, etc.  Alas, it takes me about a year and a half to grow my hair reasonably long from a pixie!  Granted, I did not use any vitamins or treatments or anything to help my hair grow out quicker.  There is just something really empowering about a pixie and I personally am very glad I got one, and as I mentioned, I may very likely get one again.

img_4896 IMG_8497

September 2013-November 2015

Here’s to two years post-pixie!  Hope you enjoyed these posts and seeing all the stages of my hair growing!  Thank you for stopping by!  God bless and have a great week!

Stay warm!



Pixie Part 2


Welcome to part two!  Thank you for returning if you are back again, and if you stumbled across this post first, you can click here and go to Part 1!

So where did I leave you?  Ah yes…

At the growing out phase!  Duh! 🙂

Well lets jump right into to, shall we?


So, I got it cut September 13th 2013, almost two years ago exactly, and I was so nervous!  I adore Audrey Hepburn, and my family often says that I resemble her.  Her hair was in the cutest most elegant pixie and I just wanted that so badly!  Anyway, the above picture is from the day I came home after getting it cut, and now for Part 2, I shall take you on the growing out journey…


Two days after getting a pixie we went to the beach.  It was SO nice having a pixie at the beach because you didn’t have to do anything to your hair!  Aside from getting use to it, I really enjoyed that.

Now I will admit that a month or so after cutting my hair I started to regret it.  I think it just hit me that I didn’t have my hair anymore!  It never really occurred to me that I might feel that way, but I got over it by October/November. 🙂

IMG_6172 IMG_6164

After the beach there was the idea in my head to attempt hair styling products…yeah.  The lady who cut my hair swore by using wax and mousse, etc, to style a pixie otherwise it would never be manageable, but for the life of me I couldn’t use those products!  Oh, and there’s my little friend from Part 1!

IMG_6231 IMG_6238

By October it grew quite a bit!  This length is nice because you have enough hair to start styling with.

IMG_6676 IMG_6647

Apparently at the time, only a month into having a pixie, I didn’t think it was short enough!  This is the shortest I ever had it and I was terrified when I came home and saw how short the back was after getting it freshened up!  But it was for the better…it grew out very nicely from here on.

IMG_6855 IMG_6873

The pictures above were taken a couple days after the short cut.  I post these to show haw the sides and front of my hair grew.  A plus to getting a pixie is that your hair feels so fresh and healthy and seems to grow fast, which it did (I was getting it trimmed every week it felt like!), but at the same time it feels like forever trying to grow it!  I’m getting ahead of myself (no pun intended).

IMG_7022 IMG_7014

The next few pictures will be from November 2013.


IMG_8050 IMG_8066

In December it was long enough all around to curl, and I was very proud of myself for curling my own hair!  Styling, especially with heated tools, is not my forte.

Ok!  So that was the rest of 2013…lets see how it went through 2014.

IMG_8836 IMG_8937

By January 2014, only 4 months with a pixie, I was determined to grow it out.  That might make you think I didn’t enjoy it, but I’ll explain my feelings about it more as the growing continues.

IMG_9407 IMG_9417

February 1st: BRAIDS!  The picture above to the left was before I braided my hair (weird angle), and then to the right is the result!  Turned out pretty good!  I must say that my hair styling skills have gotten a lot better during this short hair experience.

IMG_9521 IMG_9539

Nice and shaggy!

IMG_9740 IMG_7973

IMG_9929 IMG_9928

So…in 2014 my bedroom was a MESS!  I openly admit it…horrible mess.

Ok, so I have at least one (1) picture from every month until the present day.  Call me conceited!  Call me self centered!  Call me vain!  Whatever!  It was really fun logging my pixie process and I enjoyed it and I hope you all do too!

Today I will leave you here, at the end of February 2014, and next time we’ll pick up March 2014.  Have a wonderful day!