Prayer for America

Dear God, I pray for my country. Lord, I ask for the eyes of the American citizens to be opened, for the laws, values, and freedoms put in place by our founding fathers to be remembered and respected, for us to stand together as brothers and sisters to protect this amazing nation from those trying to harm it, and to share your love and your light to those who have not yet experienced it. Father, open our hearts, individually, to the issues in this world and show us how we can make a positive difference. Where there is loss, let us bring your comfort to someone, where there is abuse, let us bring hope of your healing hands! Where there is hate, may we give the example of ultimate, limitless, unfailing, love. Where there is loss, may the great gain of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior fill any emptiness. May our lives be beams of your grace, mercy, forgiveness and love to all those in our paths, especially right now when there is so much tension, negativity, hate, disrespect, abuse, pain, loss, hurt, sadness, and fear in this world. We live in a fallen world and will until Jesus comes back! But God, I ask you to instill hope in all of us, that Your will be done, that your hand will be upon those who declare Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Be with those who do not know you as Savior. Father, as we, America, head to a very important election, I just ask you to allow us to focus on what’s important for the protection and survival of this country. May we do our part in selecting a leader most likely to protect this country and allow You to lead. May we, the people, stand together on the important issues…most importantly our freedoms. Freedom of religion, speech, choice, action, belief, thought, love; freedom in general! You have given us this country to live freely within, to have opportunities, to prosper and grow, and it is amazing what you’ve allowed this amazing country to do! May we, Father, be deserving of keeping this country great and keeping You a part of it; the most important part of it. People have forgotten you, God. Your people have failed to live in fear of the Lord and instead live in fear of this world just like everyone else; fear of money, man, life, death, health, wealth, pain, sorrow, hopelessness, etc. Set a fire within your people, God, may we stand up strong for Your names sake and bold for our country’s sake! We need to protect the United States of America from the evil lurking around the corner, but most of all, we need You! Be with us, Lord. I love you and pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!


This is a prayer that comes from my whole heart.  I love my country and I am very proud to have been born and raised in the United States of America.  I’m proud to be a citizen of a country that is based on freedom for all.  I do not want to see my country be beaten and torn and disrespected and ruined, nor watch my family or friends live in a country that seems to be “giving up”.  We MUST stand together to fight for this nation, one nation under God, and to protect it from all evils.  We must make America safe again; safe, great, free, and a country that honors our Lord and respects itself as well.  God bless AMERICA…land of the free, home of the brave.

Blessings and much love,



Vote, Vote, VOTE!


Hello fellow Conservative, Republican, Americans!  Today, November 4th, 2014, is the day where we NEED to get out and stand up for our Country!  GET INVOLVED!  You don’t have to do anything except research the candidates and go VOTE!  It’s that simple my friends.

We have been blessed, truly truly BLESSED, with a country of freedom and we have the honor and privilege of supporting this amazing country, one nation under God, by voting and standing up for what we believe in.  We have been somewhat spoiled and blinded by being “safe” and “protected” with money and things and the “stresses” of daily life, that we don’t realize how important it is to defend and support our country!  Just think of all the other countries out there who stand proud of their country and beliefs, and here we are, the United States of America, sitting around on our iPhones and social media, or simply thinking “No, there is no time!!!”, not paying attention to what’s going on around us in this world.  Not even learning the truth about our Founding Fathers or the history of this great country or acknowledging the fact that God gave us this land to cherish, to live freely on, to be independent and proud of and share our support and pride with other people and standing up to other countries not only to be allies, but also to show them that we are serious, and that we are powerful and strong and proud.

I may be a little excited, but my family and I take it very seriously to vote because even though it seems unnecessary it isn’t; every vote counts.  No matter how cliche that may sound, every vote makes a difference!  All you need to do  is show your support by voting and that’s it unless you desire to be more involved!  Americans who are going to sit around and say they support so and so and say they want to stand up for such and such and declare all the wrongs in the world and yet don’t go and VOTE have no reason to be complaining.  This may seem harsh, I don’t know, I’m just typing out of the very real concern and love and belief of my heart.  So thank you for sticking around and hearing what I have to say.

Go vote, please!  It isn’t a hard thing to do, especially if there is early voting.  Of course I posted this a little late seeing that TODAY is voting/election day, so still, if you see this with enough time GO!!!  If you see this after the fact then now you know how I feel on the subject.


God bless America!  Much love and I PROMISE to get Jennafifi up and running once again SOON!  I do apologize although I know there is no need or excuse.  I personally feel bad that I haven’t held myself accountable to posting.  Anyway.  Have a wonderful rest of the week!  I hope you’re a proud voter.


“Your vote is your voice…let it be heard”

(photos found on google after searching for ‘voting’)