Not Feeling It

Didn’t feel like writing yesterday…or the day before, or the day before, or the day before, or the day before…you get the picture.  It’s been a week (and June daily blogging is almost over!), so let me fill you in…


We have been moving!  Some of my siblings are moving upstairs and I am moving downstairs with Skylar who came back from Korea earlier then expected and it’s been a long 4-6 months trying to decide where everyone is going to go!  Susanna and Skylar are currently in Israel; they have been there since the last week of May.  Skylar is coming home on the 24th, and Susanna is coming home on July 2nd, I believe.

So, along with moving which has been QUITE the task, and I won’t lie, I’ve been a bit stubborn because I loved my room upstairs, but it’s just a room at the end of the day and I’m so grateful for my parents home and a place to live!  Anyway, along with that, I have been preparing for a retreat where a friend has invited me to not only participate in the retreat, but we are going to be leading worship for a whole weekend!  So that has been keeping me busy!

We have had two litters of puppies (Day Break English Setters) and when we have puppies my second job is photographing them for the website.  One litter is all settled with their new owners, and then second ones are home bound in the next couple weeks.

Well, lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, the Miller’s are coming home from South Korea and we have been preparing for their arrival and SO excited and anxious to see them!  I can’t believe two years has gone by, but at the same time it has seemed like forever and I am so so so extremely happy they are coming home!  We’ve missed them terribly.


I was going to write about something, but I think I will save it for another day.  Sadly while I’m at the retreat coming up I won’t have access to blog for 2-3 days, but it’s been pretty easy for me to miss a week so that shouldn’t be a problem!  For those who don’t know, I have been trying, for fun, to challenge myself to post something everyday in June.  I have missed quite a few days, but it has still been fun!

Time to take a shower then finish moving some things around.  Oh, and if you want to see some pictures I’ve taken recently, here’s a link to my photography website:

Have a lovely evening!  Stay hydrated during these warm summer days, and I will be writing soon!




Update on Jennafifi


Hello blogging world!!!  I’M ALIVE!!!  Wow…this feels so foreign!  Okay.  No rambling intro; let us dive right it.


So, very quickly I’m going to share a little over view of the passed four (4) months…holy cow!  I haven’t blogged in FOUR MONTHS!  And since my last post I hardly blogged the past year…for those, whoever you may be, who have followed me at all, thank you and, whether it matters or means anything, I’m sorry for this extreme negligence.  Onward!

 February: I experienced my first (and only) heavy metal concert.  My two brothers, Joshua and Ben, and myself went to see Epica.  They are amazing; crazy talented!  The lead female vocalist makes me want to give up on life, but it’s all good!  So I say it’s my only heavy metal concert because it was a little too intense for me.  Not to mention I experienced my first (and only) “wall of death” (look it up), it was SO loud, the people were sketch, and at the end of the day, metal is NOT my genre of music!  I’ll tolerate it to an extent, and I do love Epica’s female vocalist Simone Simmons, but it’s not my cup of tea.

I got braces in October 2015 (whoop) so I’ve been getting those adjusted a LOT and am happy to report that my pearly whites are looking FABULOUS!!!

Esme (younger sister) and I got to play Cupid for Valentine’s Day!  I took a bunch of pictures to post and obviously didn’t…oh well.  Each year my mom decorates the dinner table in pink and red hearts and candies and lights for us to wake up to.  It was super fun setting it up for the rest of our siblings this year.

March: I was invited to participate with a girls ministry this June leading worship.  I’m really looking forward to it!  The friend I am leading with started meeting with me in March and since then we’ve met whenever our schedules allow to go over our selected songs and make sure everything is working for the both of us.

My sisters and I started attending a bible study which was really great.  I am currently not attending it because it falls on the days I work and I can barely make it on time or not at all, but it was a lovely group of young adults, mostly younger married couples, who really wanted to learn about the Bible and God’s word and sharing the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Easter was in March…I didn’t enjoy that because I’m so use to it being in April!  And St.Patrick’s Day which I take very seriously…sadly though I only found 3-4 four-leaf-clovers this year on the 17th, but post-St.Patty’s I’ve found quite a few!

April: We went to a women’s conference hosted by Answers in Genesis and the Creation Science Museum (Ark Encounter coming July 7th 2016!!!) and it was awesome!  Last year in June, Joshua, Ben and I went to the Answers MEGA Conference and there was SO much amazing information and eye opening things thrown at us, and this year at the Discern Women’s Conference, we were again given great, trustworthy and truthful insight on the world and it’s happenings, and I personally left it feeling inspired and eager to act and learn more.  *I highly recommend visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky whether for a conference or just a museum tour.  It’s such a cool experience!

May: Puppies!  My parents over at Day Break English Setters have been VERY busy with litters of puppies.  We currently have 13 at home waiting to go home (some are a couple weeks away from going to their new homes, the others are almost 1 week old and already have homes), and if my part in that is photographing all the pups to put pictures on the website, so that’s been busy!

I MISSED my blogs anniversary!!!  Happy 5 years!  Wow!

AND I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day.  Thank you for the many many many men and women who have committed and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  A dept never to be repaid.  God bless you and your families.

Aside from the things mentioned above, I have been working a lot and training people at work, working in my room/moving into a different room (bitter sweet which I’m planning to post about!), getting SUPER excited for my sister and her family to come home from South Korea this summer (whoop!), and etc etc etc!  From the things I have shared, doesn’t seem like I have an excuse for “not blogging”, but times flies my friends, and I assure you (though I know it doesn’t matter), I have purposed my time to do other things, but I will say I have missed blogging and sharing pictures and really just unloading my mind on all who come across to read! 🙂


It is June (tomorrow)…already.  June 2016.  At the end of this month I will be leading worship for a ministry (yay), I will be working two weeks this month full time Monday-Saturday, I am dedicating June to an actual exercise schedule and consistent routine because I’ve been planning to do that this month for a couple months now, connecting to the Lord, preparing for the Koreans to arrive, painting my new room and a fence, hoping to start some classes for various things, and who knows what else!

Life is full of mysteries.  Each day comes and then it goes; 24 hours seems like an eternity or a mere speck in the span of life.  I’m changing everyday whether for the better or seeming as if I’m reverting to my old ways.  This life is so big, but we often get stuck in our own little fish bowl with no where to turn but around and around!  Can you tell I’ve been in somewhat deep thought lately?

For the summer I desire to attempt posting on my blog once every day.  By summer I mean June.  If I epically fail in June, I will try again in July.  The reason: To start blogging again, sharing pictures, and to have somewhat of a virtual summer journal.  I love writing and I LOVE journaling!  I’ll get my head on straight and we’ll see where we go!

It is 1:13am; June 1st, so this post will qualify as Day 1 of my summer journal-blogging…journoggling!!! 🙂

Goodnight and until tomorrow…


P.S. WordPress has changed so many things!  I don’t like it, but it’s what I get for being such an inactive blogger!

Spring is Coming

Spring Time!!!


All the spring flowers and bulbs are blooming and it’ starting to look so colorful outside!


Well, the crocuses are the only things in our yard that have bloomed.  But the daffodils are not too far behind!


I was so happy to see the sunshine this morning!  It has been so overcast and gloomy; we needed the sunshine.


It’s March!  Goodness.  January lingered for me which I was happy about, but February was gone in a flash!  I’m hoping for a long March because I have a lot to do and things to get started on.


We have eight puppies getting ready to go this upcoming week.  What I am excited about is having quite a long time before the next litter is born!  We get so caught up with the dogs and puppies and all the animals that other things more important don’t get a second chance or are forgotten, so I’m looking forward to some time without puppies to refocus on other things.


I hope we have a few sunny days in a row.  I REALLY hope that we have a sunnier year this year.  Last spring/summer was so wet and it rained so much.  ‘Please, Mr. Sunshine, keep on shining!’.



Cael and I were outside climbing trees.  Well, he was climbing the apple tree and I was, obviously, taking pictures.  He’s so cute.:)


The kitty joined him in the tree.  Cael is so adventurous.  He always wants to climb the big tall trees with the branches he can’t reach yet.


I asked him to smile “sweetly” and, well…there ya go!  It is very hard to get a smile that is not exaggerated from this little monkey boy!


Sorry I haven’t been very active on here.  I haven’t been very active at all in any way lately!  Very idle and lazy which isn’t a good thing or a good habit.  I need to sharpen up a lot!

I won’t make any promises, but I do want to post more.  I just haven’t thought of anything or done much to have anything to share!  But, I am sorting through some pictures and will come up with some posts that will hopefully encourage or inspire you and myself as well. 🙂

God bless and much love.  Have a glorious rest of the week!