Thankful #8: A Good Read

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So, this picture was taken four (4) years ago for a post I was composing about books.  I came across it sorting through all my pictures and thought I’d use it for today. 🙂


November 8th, 2017…

I am so thankful for BOOKS!  As silly as that sounds, they are something to be grateful for.  All the nights my mother read bedtime stories and I sat on my bed imagining the whole thing; it felt so real.  I’m thankful for the stories that are true and made up, for knowledge and wisdom you can gain, for facts, fantasy, characters; a land you can get lost in.  I am so thankful for books and how they smell (yes, seriously!), and I just love books! ❤


Lord, Thank you for the wisdom and knowledge we can learn and retain from ready books!  Thank you for all the lessons and endless wisdom and truth found in the bible!  Books are so wonderful whether they are fairy stories or real stories and I am so thankful, Father, for the ability to read and comprehend and understand the words written within the pages of a book.  The capacity you have created for our brains is so incredible and amazing, Father!!  To think we were made in your image and have the ability to know you, God…I am so completely humbled by this.  That you would even care to know me makes me want to cry tears of joy!  Thank you!  May we never belittle how special and fun and important our ability to read and comprehend is!  Amen.





Day 1 of 23 days of thanksgiving…

The next 23 days I will be giving thanks for things I am truly thankful for, and here I will share them.  It is important to realize the things we are thankful for and to remember the faithfulness of our God!  No matter what happens in opposition of what we want or think is best, He is faithful and works things out for our good.


November 1st, 2017:

I am so thankful for God’s forgiveness!  No matter how difficult it has been to find the true humility to come to God with my sins, every day, and recognize how I’ve fallen short, every day, I know though it’s hard to fathom sometimes, that He loves me SO much and forgives me for being human, but also expects me to take the appropriate steps to recover and change and will assist me in doing so.


Thank you, Lord, for your forgiveness!  Thank you for seeing my heart in the mire of the world around me.  Thank you for your Son who gave his very own, sinless, spotless, pure and perfect life for a very sin filled, dirty, impure and imperfect one.  Thank you for the compassion, grace, patience, love, and care you pour out on us, as well as the challenges, trials, and growth you discomfort we face to make us grow and change for the better.  Thank you for the security we have in Christ and for truth of your word and who you are!  Thank you for the plan and the path for my life; I have full faith that no matter which direction I go, you will meet me there and lead me to and from opportunities, experiences, people, places and things, and, Father, I ask that you lead me in truth, guide me in Your wisdom and knowledge, and help me on this journey to defeat my battles and change and grow to be as much like Christ as I can be and to do your will and share your love and truth with as many people as I can.  In all things I pray and ask that you protect those in my life from any way I could hurt them.  Allow me to see where I am wrong and humble admit it and seek out forgiveness where it is due.  Protect me from myself, Lord!  I can be my worst enemy.  Again, I thank you for your forgiveness; if you can forgive us then we should never be afraid of another persons ability or inability to forgive.  May we humble ourselves, love others, and strive to be more like you ever moment.  I love you, Father, and pray in Jesus name, Amen.


UPDATE: Hello blog!  Long time no write, right?!  As always, my intentions are pure when it comes to composing blog posts and sharing life on this virtual platform, but that also takes brain power and time; two things I have not had enough discipline with.  Time management I’ve found is not an easy trait I have developed, and my brain has been very overwhelmed lately with life and quite honestly the thought of adding anything extra to have to think about hurts my brain, so!

Having this blog it has been a place for me to simply unload and just write and share things.  It has been a resource for myself mainly, not an outlet for many other to find and use.  I’ve used this blog as an outlet for documenting and discovering things about myself and life and I appreciate those who have followed along; thank you.

This year (which I cannot believe is almost over and do NOT look forward to getting any older if time passes any faster then this year has!) has been very interesting and very taxing and very emotional and very stretching.  I have learned so much about so many things, and I have SO MUCH ROOM TO GROW!!!  I’ve truly begun to learn that you never stop growing and learning and discovering, and it is a sad day if you ever get to the point where you think you’ve “got it all figured out”, because quite frankly my dear, you never truly will.  Even the very depth of your being you will most likely never fully grasp (which is why I am SO thankful God knows every inch of me and I can put complete trust in Him).  It is mind boggling, aggravating, and amazing how it all works.  Mind boggling at how vast, deep and wide life is and how small we are.  Aggravating for an analytical perfectionist like myself who wants all the answers and how to’s and doesn’t like to mess up.  Amazing that there is a God, the creator of heaven and earth, who knows everything and we truly do not have reason to fear, doubt, worry, or dwell on the past or future, even though that is what we do!  That is our flesh, fallen, human instinct and struggle.  Yo, the struggle is real!!

I encourage you hopefully by anything I’ve shared today, but mainly to seek out time to go to God this month leading up to Thanksgiving (appropriate, I know) and thank Him for all He has done!  For the sun and the moon, friends, family, books, food; whatever means something to you.  Dig deep and spend time in thanksgiving.

Also, I want to say with all that’s going on in my “battlefield of the mind” so to speak, that I am growing , learning and finally taking those steps to get out of my comfort and just be.  Just be present, honest, kind, true, loving, genuine, serious, emotional, excited for life, wise, decisive, positive, joyful in the Lord, encouraging, helpful, purposeful, and other things; one step at a time.  AND that it’s okay to move slow and take things one step at a time and that I will experience many uncomfortable things if I desire to grow and move forward, etc, so *gulp*, here I am, Lord.  I am yours. ❤

Blessings to you,


Life Check


Life…sometimes the only word that comes to my mind is life; no further explanation.

There are so many little things we care so deeply about.  So many little things that we make into the biggest deals ever.  So many little things that make up each day, every care and concern we have, and yet they are all just little things!

The color of the wall, the status of the dishes, getting an A on a test, changing your tires; the list goes on.  How we feel, think, and react in situation, how we view things, how we handle things, how we respond to people and talk to people.  These are all little things.

I say little to put it in perspective.  To us, the littlest things seem so big sometimes and the biggest things seem nonexistent.  But guess what?  All the little things and all the big things are exactly the same to God, and to Him everything is a little thing.  That doesn’t mean He doesn’t care about everything, but what it does mean is that He can help with everything and anything and that He’s capable of all things, especially the things we care so much about.

Give God everything you are caring about, thinking about, worrying about, looking forward to, pursuing, investing in, etc etc etc.  Anything that takes passion, desire, motivation, ambition, integrity from you, give it to God and you will prosper all the more!  Relax in His love and presence and accept His peace which surpasses all understanding!  We are not alone, no matter what you have, what you are or what you will go through; He is always there.  Do you know how much He loves you?  Apparently so much that we cannot even comprehend!  Our God is an awesome God, an amazing Father who loves His children more then anything this world can ever possibly offer.

May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine down upon you and give you peace…I pray that your mind and heart will be open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, that you will make the best decision for yourself and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  “Come to ME all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”— Jesus.

Much love, blessings, and may you have an amazing evening and a wonderful day tomorrow!


P.S. Day 9 of 21 down for our exercise!  Whoop!  12 more days to go!!

Independence (and rambling thoughts…)

Hello Blog!  How are you???  I say that as if my blog can speak.  Silly me.

Well, it has been a while since I’ve been on a nice blogging schedule and I have missed it so much.  My time lately has not been used well and I’ve been thinking much more then living and I can only say that it’s much better to live then to sit and ponder away!  I’ve let my thoughts wonder here and there and I have not kept my focus on God, but that is my goal.  I want more then anything to live each day acknowledging the Lord, my Creator and Savior because He deserves it 101%!  In my heart there is deep love for Him, but my life and actions haven’t shown that; or at least I don’t feel like they have.

No, nothing is wrong, I’m not doing anything “bad”, I just am in one of those extremely stuck places where you just don’t know what to believe or what to trust or where to go!  But I’ve realized that I need to believe the Bible and it’s truths, trust in Christ and Christ alone, and follow God through this life that He has given me; through this new life in Jesus Christ!  I need to realize everyday that I am made new.  The old has passed away; behold the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17).

So, that’s where I’ve been; stuck in my head! 🙂  I’ve taken so many pictures to post and have ad so many ideas for my blog and never did anything with them.  I hate that, but instead of thinking of all the things I didn’t do, I’m going to start by just doing it.  Just Do It.  I know Nike uses that as their motto, but it’s very true and I’ve kind of used that for my quote this year along with various anchor bible verses!  Just do it, Jenny!  Don’t be afraid!

Now I’m talking to myself.

It is July 4th, 2015.  I am very happy that I grew up in America which is a beautiful country in this world that God gave us back in 1620 to live in freedom and peace, and although today you never know what could happen in this country, or the world, I am still happy to have grown up in America.  God Bless America is a statement I say sincerely with all my heart.

There is something else I have figured out about myself.  I am having a hard time comprehending this.  If you are in Christ, meaning you asked Jesus to save you from your sins, you are not of this world.  This is something I know and have always known, but never really realized I guess.  Am I making sense (this post might be a rambler!)??  No matter what happens in this world, no matter who you love or the people and things you care about in this world, we are promised eternity in God our Creator in Heaven to one day be apart of the new heavens and the new earth.  That is what boggles my mind and kind of scares me only because I don’t have a good understanding about it.  God is in control of this world, but he gave us freedom and a choice therefore things happen, people make bad decisions and life is crazy sometimes.  Anyway.  Just another thought I’ve had!

So many things go on in this world and I’ve been wasting my energy, care, concern and time on “What’s going to happen next?”!!  Yes, God’s creation is amazing; jaw dropping.  It is a blessing to live in His amazing world, but this is not our eternity.  This is not what I need to dwell on and focus on every day.  Mainly I’m writing this for myself to look at and read and realize!  So, if you don’t finish reading this that’s ok!  If you do, I hope it was worth it to you and I appreciate it.

There are so many little things in this life that I desire to learn, do, experience, etc.  I get scared thinking “God isn’t going to allow me to do these things!”  but I forget that even though in this life certain things are dear to me, my purpose is not only to learn and experience things in this life.  I believe every Christian is meant to share the truth with people, Salvation and the bible with people so that more and more of God’s creation can spend eternity in heaven.

With all these thoughts let out, and plenty more to share, I will end here for today.  I am going to post more.  I really like posting pictures and I’ve been discouraged from that because our internet is really slow and I can never load them so that’s one other reason I haven’t been posting, not that it matters. 🙂

Thank you for sticking around or for stopping by today!  God bless you, and Lord please lead me and guide me and give my mind peace from all of these thoughts, in Jesus name!  Bless us today as we celebrate our independence from England and show us your glory every single day.  I love you and pray these things in Jesus name.  Amen.


Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Oh my gosh!  Guess what?  May 13th, 2015, was my 4 year “blogiversary!!!

Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Jennafifi! 😀


I can’t believe I’ve had a blog for four years!  And the past two have been pretty slow…sorry guys.

So, four years of random blogging.  Four years of pictures, poems, thoughts, bible verses and me apologizing for not posting!  haha!

The past couple of years I have thought about starting another blog either dedicated to devotions and bible relating things or cooking!  I know those things don’t have anything in common, but that’s why I thought it’d be easier to have a separate blog for one of those things and then this blog for everything else, you know?  I guess I don’t really know what Jennafifi is all about…I started it the day before my sister, Sarah’s, wedding (four years go!!) and I have loved it and enjoyed it since then, but it just seems so random to me!  Maybe it’s not a big deal; a lot of blogs are random like this.  And by random I mean SO many different things in one place!  Well, no one has complained thus far, so I think I’m on the right track. 🙂

My mind seems to be exploding with post ideas for this blog!  Now I just have to find the time to post them and get them all written out!  It’s a goal, truly, that I am setting for this summer!  BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!!!


May 15th, 2015…it has been a very busy year so far.  I’m working a lot, I’ve done a few things out of the ordinary/comfort zone, I’ve had a few good experiences and a few bad ones, and now I am ready to sleep and get ready to start the busy week once again!  I need to manage my time better.  It gets away from you so quickly that it doesn’t even seem like New Years was four months ago!  Wow.

Through everything, whether life seems crazy or idle, I have realized in those times, in the exact moment of craziness or solitude, that God is always there.  No matter how frightened I may get or unsure I may be, or how excited life seems at the time, He is always there to comfort, rejoice, heal, bring peace and provide every single need.

I love you, Lord, and thank you for these past four years that I’ve been able to blog.  Thank you for giving me the ability to express my love for writing through Jennafifi and also for the people who get to read and hopefully enjoy what I have to say, no matter how jumbled or random or in depth something may be.  You have blessed us, Father, and I am so grateful and thankful for everything; every single thing and every single person you’ve brought into my life.  Have your mighty hand over us and bless this day with your peace, your presence and your love.  Thank you, Lord, for all you are. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


Here’s to another wonderful year for Jennafifi!  Thank you for your support and God bless.


Late Night Thoughts

Some nights so many thoughts flood into my mind that I can’t sleep…thoughts, literally, about everything!  Hopes and dreams, passed events, troubles and sorrows, joys and inspirations; everything.

Life is confusing and so much time is spent not looking further then the distance of your personal bubble.  Does that make sense?  We think we know so much, or I do sometimes, but really our perspective is such a short distance and so blinded by the distractions of life and this world and everything we “have to do” and all the things we “don’t have time for” etc.

We have plenty of time.  We have nothing to fear or fret.  We have full lives even when they seem completely empty.  We have a choice in everything whether we think so or not.  In order to do something you either choose to do it or your choice is not to do it!  As long as we do and seek the things that bring joy to our hearts our lives are full.  There should be no fear at all because Jesus has saved us and the evil one has been defeated and can do nothing more but toil with our minds.  And we always have time because all time is God’s and He is infinite and eternal and everything is done in His perfect timing whether it seems that way or not.

A goal, if you will, that I have for this year and for my life really, is to just DO things!  Start meeting people and getting involved with things.  Start exercising and taking care of myself because as the Bible says my body, the body, is a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and you deserve to feel good and be healthy!  Apply for a job that may be different but is something you want to try.  Take up any opportunities whether they be great or small.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Most importantly do not fear because fear will get you no where and will keep you stuck forever if you allow it to hold you back and control your every opinion, decision and action.  Just do it!

That has been put on my heart so heavily and my friend actually found a shirt that says “Just Do It” so we both bought one and it’s very encouraging.

It’s so easy to look at all the bad things and outweigh the bad from the good especially when you are a pessimist…like me.  I’m a pessimist and an extremely negative person when I leave God out of my life and allow my thoughts and feelings to take over and OTHER peoples opinions; I strongly believe it is so important to have a mind of your own and to think for yourself.  Think for yourself, be respectful to other people about there opinions, and be confident in your own opinions.  That’s something I am definitely still working on.

Seek the goodness in every moment.  It is easy to immediately find the crappy things or moments in life when you are doubtful, depressed, fill in the blank, but it is SO worth it when you seek the good things that make you happy and bring you joy and peace.  Just take a deep breath and do it.  You never know, most likely there is a friend, a relative or even a sibling or someone who is super close to you who may be struggling with the same thing.  I say that because we don’t have to be discouraged about being “alone” because we are not!  Even if we don’t know if anyone around is is or has been going through the same things, we always have GOD who is there, He IS there, and we don’t have to worry or anything.  I wish these simple words could be more convincing and I hope they are encouraging!  I’m saying these things to encourage myself as well someone who happens across this post.  (Also to add on to not being alone…don’t be afraid to talk to people or ask for encouragement, accountability or help!  Communication is KEY!  I’m pretty sure that’s why we, humans, talk is because it is necessary and important to communicate!  Anyway…)

The truth is, God is good, He has overcome and loves us and is always there for us, and we need to realize that!  No matter what your situation is or circumstance or problem, etc etc etc, we have to remember and realize that He loves us, oh how He loves us…if you have come across my blog, hello and welcome first off, secondly if you do not know Jesus I just want to kindly encourage you that it is worth everything in life and more to know Him.  Blessings to you and may God bless and direct your life down His path and in His perfect timing.  Much love.


1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?  You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.  So glorify God in your body.”