Family Photos!

So, I was going through my drafts and came across this unfinished draft/post that I was going to post two years ago, I believe (these pics were taken in 2013 when I cut my hair into a pixie) and anyway I never posted it so, without further ado, please enjoy these family pictures of the Barger Family 2013 (DO NOT COPY THESE PICTURES, thank you)

IMG_1467 copy

Eli, John and Cael

IMG_1492 copy   IMG_1447 copy

Esme and Sylvie

IMG_1515 copy   IMG_1537 copy

Joshua and Jennifer (me with a pixie!)

IMG_1545 copy

Skylar (who is in Korea)

IMG_1690 copy

The Miller’s (without baby River…Bess, Davis and Evelyn who are also in Korea)

IMG_7189 copy  IMG_7225 copy

Evelyn and Bess, my dearest big sister and my precious niece!

IMG_0961 copy   IMG_1010 copy

Titus and Sarah, my beautiful sister and adorable nephew!

IMG_0986 copy

The Wetzel’s (Adam, Sarah and Titus…and there is an addition to their family coming Summer 2015!)

IMG_7274 copy

Group pic!

IMG_7294 copy  IMG_7307 copy

Crazy, but handsome, Barger boys (and Miller and Wetzel’s)

IMG_7332 copy  IMG_7336 copy

Fabulous, amazing, and wonderful “Barger Babes”…haha, just kidding.

IMG_7346 copy

Look at us smoking hot Charlie’s Angels. Ha ha! 🙂

IMG_7356 copy  IMG_7381 copy

More sister pics.  I love my sisters.

IMG_7387 copy

I love this pic.  Three different colored eyes; brown, green and blue…I miss those blue eyes *cough cough*


So there you go!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  That’s my amazingly wonderful family who I mostly love and sometimes just like.  No, in all seriousness I adore my family and literally pray quite often to God and thank Him for providing me with such an amazing family!  We may go through difficult times and situations, but we love each other and we grow together and overcome things together through Jesus Christ who through His strength all things can be done (Philippians 4:13)

IMG_1628 copy

Thank you for stopping by!  I have a snowy post to share which I will probably post tomorrow so stay tuned.  Much love and God bless you and keep you safe and warm during this chilly winter weather.  Brrr!




I write today to express how lovely and beautiful it is outside!  Not just today is it pretty outside, but there are many days that have passed that have been very nice weather and glorious sunsets, and even just pleasant days in general.

Guess what I have noticed…I complain a lot!  I complain about my life and how I’m not doing anything and it’s never exciting and I’ll probably never do anything, et cetera!  But guess what?  I can sit and complain about not doing anything, not reading or finishing a book, not exercising, but all I have to do is DO IT!  I have to change my habit pattern; my thought pattern and belief system.  If I want toned arms I need to pick up a weight and tone my arms!  If I want to eat better I need to eat better!  If there is something I want to try or do I need to find out how to do it and go for it!

One of the things that holds me back is fear of man.  Afraid of how other people see me or think about me.  Nervous that I will make a bad impression.  Anxious that I might say the wrong word in a sentence.  The second thing that keeps me from expressing myself and doing the things I love or want to try is myself.  Doubting myself, not having faith in myself, afraid of my own abilities to do stuff, scared that I won’t remember what I’m learning or won’t know what it means; not being able to understand!  That is something I truly struggle with: wanting to understand everything before I even learn it and being afraid of not understanding!

Today I learned about not being afraid to live your dreams and follow your heart (which is why I share this with you today).  Not being afraid of seeming selfish to want certain things or have certain desires to do things and just to do it!  You never know until you try and I definitely do not want to be looking back on my life thinking “What if I tried that?”…”Why didn’t I go there?”…”I should have listened to that…” and so on.  The past few weeks and months I have felt this belief to be ringing true in my life more and more because I have been afraid and I have been completely anxious and not having faith in myself or in God!!!  Wow!

God is so good and He wants to give you the desires of your heart and bless you in this life.  So, of course, He will help you to achieve your goals and your hearts desires unless they are just absolutely selfish or self-centered.  Or He will even change your dreams a little to better benefit you and His Kingdom!  You have to believe that He is good and believe that he loves you unconditionally!  You’ve got to trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).  And you also have to believe in yourself because you (with the “help” of the evil one) are your worst critic and, truly, your worst enemy!


Well, I just had that upon my heart and I feel like I could say a lot more!  Just remember that the Lord wants to bless you and wants you to be happy in this life.  I am learning slowly but surely that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13), and that I just need to be myself and be happy and to pursue the things that I love and enjoy doing and to just rejoice in the Lord and never forget  that He is always there.  During those times when we feel miles away from God, when we haven’t prayed in a while or read the bible, and we sit and say “He has forgotten me and I am unworthy and foolish etc, etc, etc!”, He is really right beside us looking at us and saying “My child; My kid.  You are so beautiful, you are so worthy, and I, the Almighty God, love you so much and want nothing more but for you to come to Me and find peace and love and joy in Me.”.  At least that’s what I’ve realized He’s been saying to me! 🙂


I am also writing today to report that my computer is dead and will be until my brilliant, wonderful brother can fix it (he’s very busy with school right now) so with that said I will not be able to use, share or post any of the pictures I’ve taken and loaded onto my computer!  So I guess I’ll have to finish reflecting on my summer another time!  I really wanted to share our train ride pictures, but I’ll have to remember to do so once I can use my computer!  (Thank you, mom, for letting me use your computer!)

I hope this day brings a smile to your faces or happiness to your hearts and I hope so deeply that you will be able to follow your dreams and follow your heart to do something that you’ve always wanted!  Sometimes once you give it a try you might find out that your hearts desire isn’t exactly your hearts desire anymore after trying it out and then you’ll find a new dream/desire of the heart!  One thing I’ve always wanted to try is getting a pixie haircut, and my inspiration has been the loving Audrey Hepburn!  That’s a big step to go and cut your hair that short, but I’ve always wanted to try it and I think I will since my hair is shorter now so it won’t be a drastic change going from LONG hair to super short hair! 🙂  And I’ll be taking the risk of finding out that maybe I really don’t like pixies, at least not on me, but I’ll never know until I try.

Okay…I’ve gone on long enough!  God bless you today and I will be posting soon and (hopefully) have access to my pictures so I can post about stuff and share some pics with you!  Much love.