Not Feeling It

Didn’t feel like writing yesterday…or the day before, or the day before, or the day before, or the day before…you get the picture.  It’s been a week (and June daily blogging is almost over!), so let me fill you in…


We have been moving!  Some of my siblings are moving upstairs and I am moving downstairs with Skylar who came back from Korea earlier then expected and it’s been a long 4-6 months trying to decide where everyone is going to go!  Susanna and Skylar are currently in Israel; they have been there since the last week of May.  Skylar is coming home on the 24th, and Susanna is coming home on July 2nd, I believe.

So, along with moving which has been QUITE the task, and I won’t lie, I’ve been a bit stubborn because I loved my room upstairs, but it’s just a room at the end of the day and I’m so grateful for my parents home and a place to live!  Anyway, along with that, I have been preparing for a retreat where a friend has invited me to not only participate in the retreat, but we are going to be leading worship for a whole weekend!  So that has been keeping me busy!

We have had two litters of puppies (Day Break English Setters) and when we have puppies my second job is photographing them for the website.  One litter is all settled with their new owners, and then second ones are home bound in the next couple weeks.

Well, lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, the Miller’s are coming home from South Korea and we have been preparing for their arrival and SO excited and anxious to see them!  I can’t believe two years has gone by, but at the same time it has seemed like forever and I am so so so extremely happy they are coming home!  We’ve missed them terribly.


I was going to write about something, but I think I will save it for another day.  Sadly while I’m at the retreat coming up I won’t have access to blog for 2-3 days, but it’s been pretty easy for me to miss a week so that shouldn’t be a problem!  For those who don’t know, I have been trying, for fun, to challenge myself to post something everyday in June.  I have missed quite a few days, but it has still been fun!

Time to take a shower then finish moving some things around.  Oh, and if you want to see some pictures I’ve taken recently, here’s a link to my photography website:

Have a lovely evening!  Stay hydrated during these warm summer days, and I will be writing soon!




A Going Away is Such Sweet Sorrow

Here are some pictures from our last day(s) with the Miller’s and Skylar before they left for South Korea.  We miss you guys so much!  Please enjoy!


Evvie and I both had pink sunglasses, oh yeah!


She is such a good girl and usually very smiley, but it’s hard to get her to smile on camera…


Unless you make funny faces as I am in the picture above.

IMG_0969  IMG_0971

Oh yeah!  We have a baby Alpaca! 🙂  His name is Appa, named after the flying sky bison in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and he is SO cute!  Look at his big eyes!  (I’ll post more about him later)


Titus is getting so big!  He is pretty much impossible to get a picture of…stubborn toddlers!  lol! 🙂


Baby River who has no problem with packing on the pounds!  Look at his cute sleepy face.  He looks kind of angry actually.


Aunt “Bucky” and Evelyn after a bubble bath.  Squeaky clean!


See?  Look at that chin!  It’s doubled!  And not just because he’s yawning…look at the pic below.


Aunt Esme and little River (chubby as can be).


Okay, I tried my best to get a picture of Evvie and Titus.

IMG_0995  IMG_1002

See?  Impossible!  But he’s so cute! 🙂


He he…I tried and that’s all that matters!


Aunt Sarah and River, or “Rivey” as Evvie would say.


Uncle Eli was making River laugh and smile and it was SO cute!  I was holding him on the sofa afterwards and he fell asleep and then we heard this tummy giggle and looked down to see River smiling and laughing in his sleep.  It was so precious!


Ha!  She finally smiled after Sylvie gave her a lick of frosting!


And here she smiled even bigger after the second lick of frosting!  Good job, Aunt Sylvie.


Sylvie and Riv.


So, I have a picture of me (with long hair!) holding baby Evelyn and baby Titus last year, and my goal was to reenact that picture with Evvie, River and Ty, but Evvie did not want to join in.  Little Stinky Lyn.


Me and Skylar!  You can tell from this picture, and probably all the others, that we were all exhausted and ready for bed even though nobody wanted to go to sleep.  I miss them!


And here is another family picture!  The one I posted on my last post was the best one that we got, but I thought I’d share another one.  I especially like Ben’s face in this one. 🙂

After a long hard evening and week and month, they left on Thursday morning, almost a whole week ago, headed across the seas to a totally new place filled with unfamiliar things, but I hope and pray that it will be an amazing adventure even though it was so hard to say goodbye.  It is not goodbye, it is See ya later, Alligator! 🙂

Farewell for now Bessie, Davis, Evvie, River and Skylar!  We will see you all soon and stay in touch as much as possible!!!  I hope the first week in Korea has been amazing and I hope you are able to take in each day one day at a time, enjoying each and every moment.  Stay safe and stay in touch!  You are all in our prayers and we love you SO much; more then words can say.  Can’t wait to see you next summer!  We miss you SO much!

Much love and God bless,

Jenny and Family~

(P.S. Please don’t copy these pictures.  If you would like a copy of them, I will email it to you.)