Random Poem

Once I wrote a very short poem about May and clouds (or something like that) which you can find on my blog if you search “Poems”.  Just a short little thing.  And today, or yesterday really, I thought of that poem and decided to write down a little sequel to it.  Enjoy.

Today today it is long before May

and as I sigh a sigh of relief,

The clouds swirl by and the sun’s in the sky

and all I can do is smile.


Nothing professional or even that good but I wanted to put it on my blog.

Have a wonderful, blustery, day!



Morning Musings


My journal entry this morning, 7:50am (revised a little bit).

  Our house is always quiet in the early mornings.  By early mornings I mean 8, 9, and even 10am, and by quiet I mean asleep!  We are not a morning family and there is nothing wrong with that.


  You may not think it, but I love waking up in the early mornings!  I love waking up to the sunrise!  My alarm went off at 7:30 (after is went off at 7am but I didn’t hear it), and I was up and ready to watch the sun rise up into the sky!  I opened my window, it was icy cold outside; there was frost on the roof, the car windows, and the arbor, and I looked out into the chilly morning just as the periwinkle sky started waking up.


  The trees were lined with a gold glimmer and as the clock ticked on the sun started to rise from the other end of the world.  The bright golden edges of it came first, and then finally, at 7:39am, the sun rose behind the trees and seemed to expand so far across the sky!  It was beautiful.


  So, at 7:39, the sun made it’s appearance after it’s grand entrance to the mornings sky and my room, being in the front of the house towards the sunrise, was soon consumed in the warmest, goldest, most, how can I explain…most honey gold light ever!  It was like my room was made out of gold!  I love that about my room; that it fills up with sunshine in the morning. 🙂


  A goal of mine is to wake up every chance I get to see the sunrise since we don’t have a good view of the sunset at all at our house.  It’s so beautiful and just assures you that there is a God, as funny as that may sound!  I’m sad to think of all the sunrises I’ve missed…..


I hope your day is filled with a warm, honey, glow and that you get a chance to watch the sunrise sometime if you haven’t in a while.  It’s getting so close to Christmas!  I can’t even believe it!  Really, I haven’t even given my mom a hint for what I might like (she usually gets something that I LOVE though so I completely trust her if I don’t decide on anything and am so thankful!).  Have a wonderful day!  God bless,





Today was a beautiful day!  I got to ride on the motorcycle to the store with my brother and it was so much fun!  I don’t think I would mind having a motorcycle…but there are too many people who would disapprove. 😉  My mom and I also went on a “top down” convertible drive which was so wonderful because the sun was setting, the grass was green, the honey suckles smelled so sweet, and there was actually some peace!  I might not have been at peace completely myself, but my surroundings were and it felt so nice.

There was a cherry red mustang convertible parked in a driveway by our house and it looked like a 1950-60 model *sigh*…It was so pretty!  I would probably spend a lot of money on an old car if I could only get my hands on a good one.  I wouldn’t even mind fixing it up and learning about it and how to repair, fix, and make it beautiful! 🙂  It would make me very happy to own an old car…anyway!


I hope everyone who has plans has a nice Memorial day weekend.  Thank you soldiers who have fought and stood up for our freedom and for America.  You are truly brave and courageous and I lift you up in my prayers, truly.  God bless this country; be with us, Lord, and keep us safe.  Thank you for this beautiful day and for the abundant blessings you have given us from now to eternity with you.  In your holy and precious name I pray, Amen.