October’s End

 “…October days pass away 

as quickly as the Autumn comes.

November days linger a while

then fade away with the evening sun.  

December days are chilly and cold,

and as they draw to an end,

they bring us to Christmas day

where we celebrate Christ with a friend.

 Then, of course,

at the end of the year,

when all the clocks strikes 12AM,

it will be a new year, though the past was so dear,

and we’ll start all over again…”

  Happy last week of October!  I thought I’d write a poem, so I did. 🙂  I feel like there should have been something to say about every month, but I didn’t take the time to type anything else down (I’ll have to add on to it sometime).  Oh, I hope every one has a wonderful Halloween!  We bought pumpkins the other day and we’re excited about carving them.

  I have TONS of blog ideas right now!  They just keep coming to me.  So, hopefully, starting in November I’ll post as much as I can.  It’s exciting when you finally have a few good ideas for some interesting, entertaining, or simple posts. 🙂  Well…I’ll “Write Later”!!  God Bless.




“I have fought the good fight,

I have finished the race,

I have kept the faith.

Finally, there is laid up for me

the crown of righteousness,

which the Lord,

the righteous Judge,

will give to me on that Day,

and not to me only

but also to all who have loved

His appearing.”

– 2 Timothy 4:7-8


Fall Projects and, “Cat Boy!”

  Huh…It’s October!  I keep forgetting. 😛  This week, for me, has felt like it’s lasted forever!  But, that’s not what I came to talk about.

  Okay!  Halloween is going to be here before you can say “Trick or Treat”, so I have been BIG TIME planning my costume…Mwahahaha!  At first I was going to be Elizabeth Swann from POTC, then I switched to  Audrey Hepburn.  But my final decision is an 18th Century Person!  Ha ha. 🙂

I was thinking of being a Jane Austen character, but then I wasn’t sure who to be, so now I’m either Fanny Price from Mansfield Park, or just an 18th C. gal!!  We ordered the dress pattern and it arrived yesterday.  Now Bess and I have a LOT of sewing to d0!  Any who.  Enjoy the pictures below…


Simplicity Pattern 4055…Love it!  Bess and I are making the long sleeved version.

Fanny Price…What do you think?

Here is my navy blue fabric, batiste, thread, and buttons!  I washed my fabric and batiste and the white batiste came out of the washer a little blue…Oh well!  (You won’t be able to see it anyway.  It’s for the lining inside the dress)

The navy looks pretty good, don’t you agree?! 🙂


  Next I have some jewelry that I made…NOTE: Skylar helped me out with the earrings (I forgot how to twist the wire).



I made some earrings for Bess as well, but I didn’t take a picture of them.

Also, I have some simple white flats that I’m going to wear with it, and I think I might have found a pretty hairstyle that will work well with my shorter hair. 🙂  I’m so excited!!!


  You’re probably thinking what “Cat Boy” means…Well, a few days ago, Cael, came upstairs to see me.  He was talking to me and then I looked over at him, and he had cat ears on a a big feather duster in his pants for a tail!  Ha ha… 🙂

Cute, huh?!  It’s a pretty good idea…I might consider is for my costume next Halloween. 😉


He he…

  Yeah, so that’s all I have to share right now!  I hope that this week has been groovy for everyone?!  It seems like it’s lasted for a while though…Which isn’t a bad thing.  Have a great weekend, and a glorious Sunday!  Enjoy this amazing weather…God Bless.


October 1st

Happy October 1st!!!  And what a beautiful one it is. 🙂  I hope everyone had a great day?!  I sure did.  The weather was amazing, and working at the yard sale was a blast!  Yesterday we got a lot of people coming to buy stuff and same with today.  We had hot dogs and drinks, there was furniture, clothes, house hold items, random stuff, and even a one-man sail boat!  It was a lot of fun and we raised a good sum.

Well, I am going to sit here and rest…I am so sleepy!  I think I just gave myself a sugar headache too.  Blah!  God bless and have a WONDERFUL October!  May it pass by as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible…


PS. This is my 40th post.  Wow! 😀