Wednesday Wishes…

IMG_0331 - Copy

(Photography by Jennafifi)

Sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much…

Sometimes I wish I’d think more before I speak…

Sometimes I wish I was traveling the world; or at least the US…

Sometimes I wish I could just be home for a whole week…

Sometimes I wish for the rain to never leave…

Sometimes I wish for the sun to always stay…

Sometimes I wish I knew what to eat…

Sometimes I wish I never had to eat again…

Sometimes I wish God would blatantly show me the way…

Sometimes I wish ignorance never faded…

I use to wish for everything, and everything was for me.  All of my wishes were self-centered or wished in times of despair.  I turned my wishes into prayers and the selfishness started to fade, and instead of praying in times of trouble only, I’ve started praying in times of utter joy and happiness with thanksgiving.  There are plenty of times when I pray out of desperation, and lots of times I pray for selfish things, but I have learned that God is good, so good, and that I never have to worry as long as I go to Him for everything.

Today I learned and realized some important, eye opening, things: When you surrender your life to Him, Christ, everything else will come…surrendering your life doesn’t mean God will send you to Africa…He will make your ministry from where you are in life and by what you love doing, and He will give you the desires of your heart; and will, for the better, change those desires…and, when it comes to finding the right guy/girl, when you live for Christ and do the things you love, as you grow and mature and are unknowingly being prepared, He will lead your significant other into your life at the perfect time…you never have to worry.


“fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)

Raindrops come fall down on my head

Show me how to let go

As you fall I see my burdens heavy

And they make me tremble

As thunder roars and lightening flashes

There is a peaceful silence all around

That silence is the Lord thy God

As raindrops fall to the the ground…

Have a wonderful evening and a blessed rest of the week!  Much love.



Green Juice

So, yesterday I woke up and said to myself “I feel like starting the day out on a healthy note!” and if I do say so myself, I did just that!p1l4mldM4DcxFANdISaKNdc2NkiIn7LbH_1eXhAfiuR5dNjvrUAZslPiXWFmlq8v-C2Xsg=w1332-h537

I made a green juice smoothie!  And let me tell you…it was REALLY good!  No, it was not a legit veggie filled smoothie, but do you see the color of it?  There is a lot more green stuff then not green stuff!

93AztsGw9i7dPRbxW_1_T0J85AeKSxuy-lmqFFwU9vItYfv6GTeKjgCqkTkFz199wbNa8A=w1332-h537In this lovely smoothie I put spinach, greek yogurt that WAS strawberry flavored (it was the only yogurt I had), peaches, bananas, celery, ice cubes and water and blended it all together and there you have it!  At first it tasted like celery, but then it tasted like a very sweet, but sort of sour, smoothie and I really enjoyed it!  Lately I’ve noticed my flavor has become much more simple.  I don’t desire nor really care if something is really flavorful as much as I use to.  You could say I’ve become quite bland.  Of course it depends on what the food is I’m eating, but it is interesting seeing your sense of taste change a bit.


If you enjoy smoothies for breakfast loaded with yummy things, then I encourage you to try this one!  Put whatever you want in it!  I used what we had.  A handful of spinach, 3-4 slices of peach, a quarter of banana, half a cup of yogurt, half a stick of celery, 2-3 ice cubes and fill the cup half up with water.  Very simple, if you have a blender, and very good, if you enjoy smoothies!


My family got home yesterday from a long weekend road trip where they picked up a sheepdog and some sheep to go with it.  lol!  The sheepdog puppy, you guys…I don’t even know what it is!  Is it alive?  Is it a panda?  Am I actually on the verge of saying I LIKE it?  What is this?!?!  Truly, I don’t know what to think!  *Picture coming soon!

Pixie Part 2 is coming soon as well!  I am discouraged when I go through my pictures and my drafted blog posts and see all the awesome ideas I never shared!  Sigh…my intention and “plan”, if you will, is to re-do those ideas and actually post them because I love sharing things on my blog and I adore writing and, in complete honesty, I miss it!  Not to dwell on what I didn’t do…anyway.

Here’s to a beautiful day!  Have a great week and I will be posting soon!  Much love and God bless.


Pixie Haircut Journey

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of my pixie haircut journey.  Actually, you have arrived at the end, but I am going to have 2-3 parts to this “series” dedicated to my pixie haircut which I got in 2013, so I will be starting from the beginning of when it first happened.

So two years ago, right before we went on a family vacation to the beach, I did it.  I finally fulfilled my dream of getting an Audrey Hepburn pixie!  It was something that always intrigued me to try, but it scared me because I didn’t want to look like a boy or cut all my hair off then find out I look horrible with super short hair!  Luckily, I do have a face shape that is, shall we say, compatible with a lot of hairstyles, and I’m happy to inform you that a pixie was one!  Or so I and my family and friends thought. 🙂

We’re going to start way back in 2010 where I rebelled against stopping dance classes and cut my hair into a bob…that’s where it all began!  I had short hair when I was little, but it was long from when I was at least 8-9 to 14-years-old.

IMG_17369  IMG_27372

So there’s the 2010 dramatic change!  I loved that bob though.  It was so different from years of long, blunt, tangled hair.


I loved this haircut all through 2011!

By the end of 2011 my hair was long again.


You can’t really tell, but in this picture it was just passed my shoulders.

In 2012 I kept it long



My hair stayed long until July 2013

IMG_2270  IMG_2280

We volunteered at a pool the summer of 2013, and my hair was in a constant knot on the top of my head that was knotting together!  So, SNIP SNIP!

Lets pause for a second and zoom in to the picture above…

IMG_2280 - Copy

You see the encircled area?  Well, when I cut my hair summer of 2013, that happened, and ever since then, on the right side of my head, I’ve had what looks like some sort of matted frizzy area that is VERY aggravating to get under control!  You’ll notice that in my growing out process…you have been forewarned! 🙂


I think if I had to choose I’d stay with this length when it comes to short hair.

So, after July 2013, I debated with my best friend about getting a pixie and it turned into the only thing we ever talked about, so one day I finally said to myself “It’s time!  LET’S DO THIS!!!”

IMG_4817  img_4704

I did it!  This was taken right when I got home from the cut.  No, I didn’t go from super long hair to a pixie (I don’t understand why people do that!), but still I had never had a pixie so it was such a big change, but I loved it!



Okay, so there was the process leading up to my pixie and the big moment when it happened!  Next time I will share with you the first part of the growing out process and then where I am in the hair journey today!  Thank you for stopping by.  Please come back if you’d like to see more pixie trials and tips, etc!  Have a blessed day.

Much love,



P.S. Happy August!!! 😀